Plan The Perfect Proposal

How and where to pop the big question

Wanting to propose but need inspiration on how and where to pop the big question? Throughout our time at SH Jewellery, we’ve met many couples and have heard a number of incredible proposal stories. From destination proposals to intimate picnics, flashmob proposals, proposals involving pets, to romantic sky writing proposals - we’ve heard it all! Here, we share our suggestions and tips on how and where to pop the big question, to help you get inspired.

Destination Proposals

How - Does it get any more romantic than a proposal in Paris? While destination proposals are extremely romantic and thoughtful, what makes them so special is that they’re generally harder to organise, as they involve a lot more detail and thought. If you are going away on holiday and want to plan your proposal whilst being away, we suggest asking the holiday staff in advance to assist you with organising the big day or gesture. Air hostesses, hotel or resort staff, drivers, they will all be happy to assist you in planning the most memorable proposal, all you have to do is ask!

Where - Want to pop the question overseas but don't know where? We’ve narrowed it down.

New York: On top of the Empire State Building, on the Brooklyn bridge, Times Square, Central Park, the Rink at Rockerfeller Centre

Paris: In front of or on top of the Eiffel Tower, the rooftop of the Terrass Hotel, by the Medici Fountain, on the Ferris Wheel at the Place de la Concorde

London: London Sky Bar, the view from The Shard, on or by the Tower Bridge, Hyde Park

Tokyo: By the Tokyo Tower, at the Tokyo Sky Tree in Asakusa, on the steps of the Imperial Palace, the gardens by The Four Seasons

Sydney: On a Sydney Harbour Bridge climb, Wendy's Secret Garden at Lavender Bay, on a dinner cruise under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach at Sunrise

Beach Proposals

How - Beach proposals are perfect if your partner loves the beach, or has had many memories on a particular beach with you. We suggest if you are going to propose on the beach, choose a day where the weather is perfect and there is less of a breeze. Get there in the afternoon, approximately 30-40 minutes before the sun is about to set and find a nice spot. This will give you enough time to prepare and calm your nerves, to pop the question, then to enjoy the sunset! To celebrate, you may also want to pack a bottle of champagne, and a picnic dinner.

Where - Ask her to marry you on her favourite beach, or one of the best in Australia.

New South Wales: Bondi Beach, Bronte Beach, Main Beach

Victoria: Squeaky Beach, Cape Woolamai, St Kilda Beach, Thirteenth Beach, Bells Beach

Northern Territory: Mindil Beach, Dundee Beach, Wagait Beach

Queensland: Whitehaven Beach, 75 Mile Beach, Fitzroy Island

South Australia: Second Valley, Moana, Sea Cliff, Glenelg

Western Australia: Cottesloe Beach, Leighton Beach, Coogee Beach, Cable Beach or The Basin 

Picnic Proposals

How - Planning a picnic proposal is incredibly romantic and is something than can be easily planned. All you need to do is pick a location, choose a day with good weather (late spring or summer is always popular), pack comfortable rugs and pillows, and delicious food (bonus points if it's her favourite food). It’s always best to pack food that is easy to eat, food that doesn't require heating but can be stored in an esky, or on ice such as fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese, dips and crackers, wine and chocolate.

Where - Finding a memorable picnic spot in your state below.

New South Wales: Royal Botanic Gardens, Bradley’s Head, Bradfield Park, West Head Lookout, Balls Head Reserve, Wendy’s Secret Garden

Victoria: Royal Botanic Gardens, Fitzroy Gardens, Edinburgh Gardens, One Tree Hill Picnic Ground, Studley Park Boathouse

Northern Territory: Berry Springs Nature Park, Casuarina Coastal Reserve, Charles Darwin

Queensland: New Farm Park, Point Lookout, Boombana, Daisy Hill Conservation Park

South Australia: Flinders Park, Valley Lake, Wigley Reserve, Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens

Western Australia: Point Walter, Kings Park, Chidley, Cottesloe Civic Centre Grounds, Matilda Bay 

Get Your Pets or Family Involved

How - Nothing is more adorable than getting your pets involved in your proposal. Involve your pets by tying the engagement ring in a ribbon around your pet's neck or train your pet to fetch the ring box for you in front of your bride-to-be. Your family can become involved by helping hold up your proposal sign for you, or by helping to distract your partner for the day so she won’t suspect what you have planned.

Where - Having pets involved in the proposal process can sometimes be tricky, so if you are planning on having your pets involved in your proposal, make sure it’s at a place where your pet feels comfortable and happy, to ensure everything runs smoothly. Your home, backyard or outdoors in a park are great places for involving your pet.

Active Proposals

How - If you and your partner are adventure seekers or enjoy exercising together, planning an ‘active proposal’ could be the way to go. It might be a hike to an incredible view, a bush walk through the forest, a bike ride along the coast, the options are endless!

Where - We suggest making it personal. You could plan a hike to an incredible view on your holiday, or a bike ride along her favourite beach, Whatever you choose to do, make your active proposal personal and unique to her. If she loves a certain view, place or trail that you’ve previously hiked together, choose that. 

Get Creative

How - Creative proposals show initiative and thought and are definitely more personal. If your partner is a creative person, she’ll appreciate the effort you have gone into to pull off the DIY proposal. There are plenty of DIY proposal blogs on the internet if you need help or ideas, and use these as your main resource, particularly if you aren't the creative type yourself and require inspiration. Or, are there any creative friends or family you know? Ask them to help you - they’ll love to be a part of such a special and memorable moment in your lives together.

Where - The beauty of a creative proposal is you can transfer your creative ideas to just about anywhere at anytime. If you’re planning an overseas or destination proposal, pack your creative ideas with you. If you’re planning on proposing during a picnic, ask relatives or friends to help you set up what you have made.

So you’ve planned the proposal…

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