Ring Size Guide

Measure Your Finger Size

  • Your engagement and wedding ring finger is the fourth finger on your left hand (adjacent to your pinky finger).
  • Your ring should fit over your finger comfortably with a snug fit. Finger sizes can vary between cool and warm weather.

Notes on finger sizing:

  • If you're measuring your finger in cool weather, allow a bit of spin/movement for when the weather warms up and your finger swells up in size.
  • If you're measuring in warm weather, the ring should have a snug to tight fit so when the weather cools down, the ring does not become too loose.
  • Take your finger measurement 2-3 times for a better measurement.

How to measure your finger size:

  • Slide an existing ring over the above circles and match it up to the correct size.
  • If you don't have an existing ring, simply print the below ruler and hold it around your finger to determine the diametre and finger size. Set your page scaling to “None” in print settings. Check the ruler measures exactly 30mm when printed.
  • One of our jewellery experts can help measure you up in store so please feel free to come in.