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Repairs, Resizing, Cleaning


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To help serve you better, we recommend that you book an appointment, especially on weekends.

Need your jewellery resized, polished or refurbished? We have our own jewellers on site and provide a large range of restoration and repair services. Our jewellers have many years experience working with high valued items and are trusted by many clients Australia wide. Please see below for a basic price list should you need any work done. If you have any further questions please feel free to call us or Send us a message on live chat.




  • Ring rhodium plating (basic) $60
  • Ring resize white gold, includes rhodium plating (basic) $80
  • Ring resize yellow gold (basic) $60
  • Ring resize rose gold (basic) $60
  • Ring resize platinum (basic) $100
  • Mens ring YG resizing with brushed finish $100
  • Mens ring WG resizing with brushed finish $120
  • Mens ring, re-apply brushed finish (basic) $40
  • Ring polish and clean (basic) $40


  • Bracelet/necklace polish and clean (basic) $60
  • Bracelet/necklace rhodium plating (basic) $80
  • Bracelet/necklace shortening yellow gold (basic) $60
  • Bracelet/necklace shortening white gold, includes rhodium plating (basic) $90
  • Bangle polish and clean (basic) $60
  • Bangle rhodium plating (basic) $90
  • Bangle resizing yellow gold (basic) $100
  • Bangle resizing white gold, includes rhodium plating (basic) $120


  • Pendant/earrings polish and clean (basic) $40
  • Pendant rhodium plating (basic) $60
  • Earring rhodium plating (basic) $60


  • Cleaning $10 (basic)
  • Deep clean $20
  • Soldering broken ring, chain or bracelet (basic) (includes polish and clean) $40


  • Stone setting $50 (up to 0.50ct, includes all polishing and cleaning of piece)
  • Stone setting $100 (up to 2ct, includes all polishing and cleaning of piece)
  • Resetting smaller sized stones (under 0.20ct) (includes polishing) $30/each
  • Replace a smaller missing diamond (basic) (up to 3pts, 2mm) $100
  • Replace a smaller missing diamond (basic) (up to 6pts 2.5mm) $150
  • Replace a missing diamond (basic) (up to 10pts, 3mm) $220

*Replacing larger diamonds will need to be quoted first.

Ring Spa $100

This is a complete refurbishment of your ring making it look and feel like new again. Ring spa includes a deep clean, checking and tightening of all claws, polish and rhodium plating. This service is also available for your other jewellery.

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  • Cleaning jobs can be picked up within the hour.
  • Most jobs will be completed within the week.
  • "Basic" indicates that the rings are of standard size and design, and are not larger, more complicated pieces which require extra attention.
  • Other types of jewellery (earrings, pendants, chains, bracelets) can also be serviced, please enquire.
  • We don’t usually work with silver items but if an important job is needed, please enquire first.
  • We don’t resize or work with titanium, tungsten or steel jewellery