Choosing An Engagement Ring Style That Suits You

Choosing An Engagement Ring Style That Suits You

If you’re wanting to get engaged to your partner, the chances of you already knowing the type of ring style you want or like, are already very high. As much as initially having an idea about what ring style you like certainly helps, knowing what engagement ring style looks good on your finger, is a whole other story. Whether your fingers are long, or your knuckles are wide, or perhaps you have smaller hands than usual, quite often some engagement ring styles will suit your hand or finger more than others. And more often than not, they won't be the ring style you initially had in mind.

Finding a ring style that flatters your finger shape and size can be tricky. Which is why we’ve put together a guide to help you find the best engagement ring styles to suit your finger. After all, you’ll be wearing the engagement ring for a long time, so it’s important ring size and shape compliments your finger in every way.

If you have small hands

If you have smaller hands than usual, it’s best to ensure the ring proportion is also kept relatively small, too. Princess cut, round or an oval setting of diamonds on a medium-width band works best to not draw attention to your small hands.

If you have big hands

If you have large hands, it’s recommended you opt for a larger ring - one that makes more of a statement. Luckily, you’ll find that any style of diamond setting will suit your hand but the bolder, the better!

If you have big knuckles

If you don’t like your big knuckles, the best way to overcome this and to not draw anymore attention to them, is to choose an engagement ring with a wider band. This will draw the attention away from your knuckles and towards your ring.

If you have long fingers


If you have longer fingers than usual, most ring styles and settings are suitable for your finger, teamed with a wide to medium-width band, to make your finger look more in proportion.

If you have short fingers

If you have shorter fingers than usual, your engagement ring should assist with elongating your fingers. therefore, we recommend choosing and oval or pear shaped diamond setting on a thin-width band, one that doesn't take up too much area toward the base of your finger.

If you have wide fingers

If you have wider fingers and want to avoid drawing attention to them, choose an engagement ring that is also a wider style, too. Oval or Trilogy engagement ring styles are the most popular for wider fingers as they tend to be wider settings. Team these settings with a slimmer band, and you’ll be drawing the attention away from your fingers and towards your ring in no time!

If you have slender fingers

If you’re selecting an engagement ring and have slender fingers, the best thing to do is to not overpower your finger with a large engagement ring. In this instance, keep it simple. Smaller or more simple engagement ring styles will flatter your slender finger the most.

Choosing a Metal to Suit Your Complexion

Now that you’ve tried on a wide range of styles, and have found the perfect setting and band to flatter your finger, you might want to consider what colour metal you’d like your band to be, and more importantly what type of metal compliments your skin tone in the best way.

At SH jewellery, we stock an extensive range of white gold, yellow gold and rose gold metals to choose from, with white gold being our most popular metal. As everyone’s personal taste and complexion is unique and different, consider the following when choosing your engagement ring metal;

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is a popular metal that attracts most people. It teams well with a broad range of complexions, but stands out more and compliments the skin best when worn on people with a warmer complexion to most.

White Gold

White gold suits all skin tones, pale or warm. White gold is the most popular metal chosen for engagement rings at SH Jewellery.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold is a very romantic metal that suits all range of skin types. However, this type of metal is best flattering on people who have a more pale complexion.

Need help choosing an engagement ring?

At SH Jewellery, we recommend the best way to find a ring that compliments your fingers, is by coming into a jeweller and trying on as many ring styles in all three different metals. Our friendly jewellery specialists have many years of experience and can help you find the perfect engagement ring style, to suit your finger type, unique personal style and skin complexion.

Remember, this article is merely a guide to assist you in finding a stunning ring that suits you. If you have your heart set on a particular feature in a certain ring style, regardless of the shape of your fingers, we recommend just going for it!

Simply visit our SH Showroom in Springvale and take advantage of a free consultation to discuss your jewellery and diamond requirements. However, so that we can better serve you, we recommend that you book an appointment for your consultation, especially for weekend times.

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