Our Story

From humble beginnings...

The SH story tells of one family's enduring love affair with fine jewellery, dating back to the late 1960s in the sapphire and ruby mines of Pailin, Cambodia.

After a long day mining gemstones, a teenage Seng would accompany the land owner to the local market to sell the day's discoveries, with takings divided between them.

From a young age, Seng was fascinated with the transformation of a gemstone: from its raw state, freshly prised from the earth, to being cut and polished into spectacular gemstone jewellery embodying beauty, status and style.

Seng's fascination with gemstones soon shifted to something else, when late one evening at a gem merchant's house a wealthy customer entered the dimly-lit room... Seng was struck by the brightness and lustre of several glistening stones perched on her finger - these brilliant stones he soon discovered, were diamonds.

Until this day he vividly remembers the sparkle the stones beamed from across the room; a phenomenon he had not experienced working with sapphires or rubies.

Despite knowing little about diamonds, there was one thing young Seng became sure of that evening: he was destined to produce breathtaking diamond jewellery that glowed as bright as the diamonds he'd witnessed that night.

Unfortunately, Seng's dream laid dormant until decades later due to a devastating civil war in the 1970s, which left Cambodia a fragile country for years to come. In hope of greater stability post-war, Seng migrated to Australia with his wife and young children in 1986.

The Dream Realised...

It was not until 1998, having worked hard to achieve a stable life for his family, that Seng's dream was finally resurrected. He had just enough capital to begin making jewellery and set about sketching the visions he'd shelved for so long.

Catering to friends and family in the beginning, demand for his unique designs quickly grew. They were unlike anything else on the market, which was saturated with bulk-manufactured pieces featuring low-grade stones.

Seng was determined to do better, using only the highest grade diamonds available to ensure they too sparkled with the intensity he'd experienced at the gem merchant's house decades earlier.

After several years working privately and refining his skills, Seng opened his first showroom in 2005, named SH Jewellery; an acronym forged from his and his father's name, Hout, in a tribute to the values of hard work and dedication his father instilled in him - the foundations upon which the brand was built.

The legacy lives on...

Since 2005, our second-generation Melbourne jewellery shop has shared hundreds of life's most precious milestones with clients from all over Australia. I'm honoured, along with my sister, Che, to have inherited this legacy from our father, who today still has an active role in the design and quality assurance of our diamonds.

With a focus on 18kt white gold and platinum diamond wedding bands and engagement rings, our Springvale showroom also features a curated selection of diamond earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets.

It is with great pride we can say the majority of our clients arrive at the SH Jewellery showroom and online shop through referrals. We attribute this to our family's commitment to quality, extensive product knowledge and the impeccable craftsmanship of our rings, which has earned our reputation as Australia's Best Google Reviewed Jeweller with a glowing portfolio of happy clients.

Our dedicated team maintain full control over the quality of our product from conception to counter, hand-selecting the world's most prestigious diamonds with the approval of our experienced Jewellery & Diamond Specialists. This collaborative, hands-on approach to sourcing ensures only the highest quality diamonds pass through our doors to bear the SH Jewellery brand.

Like family, we know each ring intimately and take great care in matching our rings with the right recipient. This conscientious exchange - and new beginning immortalised in precious stone - is what makes our work so meaningful.

We hope you enjoy the passion, quality and craftsmanship that goes into our fine jewellery as much as we do.

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