Art Deco & Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings

SH Jewellery offers a nostalgic selection of vintage inspired engagement rings that celebrate the glamour, extravagance and Style Moderne of 1920s Art Deco Jewellery.

Featuring GIA certified diamonds 3-4 grades above industry standards and 7-8 grades above most chain retailers, these antique themed engagement rings are designed in Australia and exclusively available from SH Jewellery.

      14 pieces
      14 pieces

      Selecting The Perfect Art Deco Engagement Ring

      SH Jewellery’s non-commissioned Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring Specialists can help you reach a decision with confidence, thanks to our price match guarantee, complimentary lifetime aftercare and 30-day exchange for online orders.

      We’ll patiently guide you through a budget-sensitive process to find an antique themed ring that demonstrates the technical prowess of modern engagement ring designs, with the timeless elements of enduring Art Deco style.

      If you are buying an engagement ring online, we recommend downloading our free ring size chart to find your size. You can also purchase a plastic ring sizer tool, with the full cost redeemable on our Australian vintage inspired engagement rings.

      Styles For Vintage Engagement Rings

      While the 1920s were a period of rebellion and artistic freedom, Art Deco design followed a fairly consistent set of principles that differentiated it from the fluid lines and natural influences of earlier Art Nouveau jewellery.
      Referencing architectural trends of the increasingly mechanised and industrialised 1920s, Art Deco engagement rings were defined by dramatic lines, geometric designs, symmetry and bold contrasting colours.

      Judging Quality When Selecting an Antique Themed Engagement Ring

      When choosing a vintage style engagement ring from Australia’s Best Google Reviewed Jeweller, diamond and gemstone quality is the most important criterion. SH Jewellery’s non-commissioned Art Deco Engagement Ring Experts will guide you through the 4Cs of diamond and gemstone quality to ensure you get the best value on a unique engagement ring that replicates the glitz, glamour and history of antique engagement rings.

      Vintage Style Engagement Rings at SH Jewellery

      Antique influences featured prominently in our vintage style engagement ring range include symmetry, hard linear edges of Emerald-Cut diamonds, repeating patterns with minimal free space, rich hues of red rubies and blue sapphires, offset halos and enchanting marquise cuts.
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      Art Deco Rings: FAQ

      What is a vintage engagement ring?

      While definitions vary between jewellers, a vintage engagement ring is generally considered to be between 20-50 years old. At SH Jewellery, our rings are brand new and made to order in the style of vintage rings. Our Art Deco inspired engagement rings are replicas of vintage rings made with real GIA certified diamonds set in 18kt gold.

      What is an antique engagement ring?

      An antique engagement ring is generally accepted to be a ring that is at least 100 years old. SH Jewellery’s vintage themed engagement rings are brand new with no previous owners, and reference jewellery trends from between the 1920s to the 1940s.

      Are Art Deco Engagement Rings Expensive?

      Modern Art Deco rings offer affordable engagement ring alternatives to purchasing genuine vintage rings, as these real diamond replicas reimagine the essence of the Style Moderne era, without the antique price tag. All Art Deco engagement rings from SH Jewellery are available with convenient, interest-free Zipmoney instalments and free delivery Australia-wide.