Three Stone Engagement Rings

      9 pieces
      9 pieces
      Three-Stone engagement rings feature two side diamonds flanking a higher carat centre diamond. The three stones represent a couple’s past, present & future, or friendship, love & fidelity - essential ingredients for a long and happy marriage. Also known as Trilogy Rings, Three-Stone engagement rings make an elegant companion for a simple pavé-set wedding band.
      In Three-Stone engagement rings, the side diamonds typically match the cut of the centre stone, which is usually set higher for accentuation. In some cases, however, like this Trilogy Ring with Two Pears, contrasting shapes can be used to create a beautifully balanced combination of different diamond cuts.

      Additional diamonds can be set around the band of a Three-Stone engagement ring for an all-over glow, or a plain gold band may be best to showcase a heavy carat centre stone.

      Three-Stone rings are a popular engagement ring category for incorporating birthstones like emeralds, sapphires and rubies, which make colourful side accents to the centre diamond.