Male Engagement Rings Diamond Rings For Men

    Male engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular amongst progressive couples that believe both partners should display a symbol of their commitment and intention to marry. When each partner is equally invested in tying the knot, and there is a growing selection of male diamond ring designs to choose from, it’s no surprise men are following suit with their own male engagement ring trends.

    There are no prerequisites for wearing male engagement rings. Heterosexual A-listers have proudly sported men’s engagement rings, along with metrosexual gents who appreciate male diamond rings, and gay couples, for whom engagement rings can represent a long-fought battle in the fight for marriage equality.

    As with women’s engagement rings, men’s engagement rings are typically more lavish than the wedding band that follows, and commonly feature diamonds - the globally recognised symbol of eternal love.

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    49 pieces

    49 pieces


    Do men wear engagement rings when they propose?

    Men’s engagement rings are becoming increasingly mainstream for modern day couples in favour of equality. Heterosexual celebrities like Ed Sheerin and Michael Buble have worn male engagement rings, along with men in gay couples, for whom engagement rings can symbolise a hard-earned win in the fight for marriage equality.

    How much should a men's engagement ring cost?

    Plain 18kt gold men’s engagement rings range from around $850 to $2,900, depending on the ring width and detailing. Diamond male engagement rings start from around $1,850 and can reach $7,5000+ depending on the number of diamonds and design complexity.

    What is the best engagement ring for men?

    The best men’s engagement ring for your partner is the ring they like best, which may not necessarily be your favourite. Choose a metal colour consistent with their existing jewellery and consider adding diamonds. As the universal symbol of eternal love, diamonds are a great way to differentiate men’s engagement rings from men’s wedding rings.

    Who buys the male engagement ring?

    Some people propose with a ring for their partner, then purchase their own engagement ring after the proposal. Others purchase both rings at the same time, so both partners can begin wearing their rings from the moment the proposal takes place. As a relatively new phenomenon, there are no hard rules about who buys a man’s engagement ring.

    Do couples pick engagement rings together?

    Traditionally, the person proposing would pick their partner’s engagement ring in secret. If they are not familiar with their partner’s preferences, however, this can end in disappointment. Nowadays, couples are increasingly choosing engagement rings together to ensure everybody gets exactly what they want. A surprise proposal can still take place, with a ‘placeholder ring’ (an inexpensive ring double to present on the day), allowing your partner to choose their own ring later on.

    Can a woman propose to a man?

    Of course! Women proposing to men is not a new concept, with celebrities like Kristen Bell, Pink, Elizabeth Taylor and Jennifer Hudson all proposing to their partners. Men’s engagement rings typically have less design variations than women’s engagement rings, so choosing a ring for your male partner is a much simpler process.