Stone Setting and Repairs

NOTE: Due to an increased workload and backlog, we are currently only servicing jewellery produced from SH Jewellery.
Setting the primary stone on a ring, or replacing missing stones, we can help set and replace the stones in your favourite jewellery.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us or Send us a message on live chat.

Stone Setting & Resetting

  • Setting up to 0.50ct (includes all polishing and cleaning of piece)   $70
  • Setting up to 2ct (includes all polishing and cleaning of piece)   $120
  • Resetting smaller sized stones under 0.20ct (includes polishing)   $50/each

Replacing smaller diamonds

  • Replace a smaller missing diamond up to 3pts, 2mm (basic)   $120
  • Replace a smaller missing diamond up to 6pts, 2.5mm (basic)   $170
  • Replace a smaller missing diamond up to 10pts, 3mm (basic)   $240


Bring in your jewellery to our store and talk to one of our jewellery specialists. We'll give you a quote of how we can make your piece look new again.


  • Most jobs will be completed within the week.
  • "Basic" indicates that the rings are of standard size and design, and are not larger, more complicated pieces which require extra attention.
  • We work with all types of jewellery, such as earrings, pendants, chains, bracelets.
  • We don’t usually work with silver items but if an important job is needed, please enquire first.
  • We don’t resize or work with titanium, tungsten or steel jewellery

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