Emerald Dress Rings

Dress Rings Featuring Green Emeralds & Diamonds

The SH collection of rings with emeralds and diamonds set in 18kt gold features styles exclusively designed by our family in Melbourne, Australia. Visit the SH store to view the full range of diamond and emerald rings, or shop online with free insured delivery and 30-day exchange.

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When do you give someone an emerald ring?

Emerald rings are traditionally gifted for 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries. They are also the official birthstone jewellery for those born in May, and the gemstone of Spring, suitably coloured to represent renewal and growth.

Green emeralds are increasingly appearing in gemstone engagement rings for those wanting something a little less traditional. Due to their lower density, a 1-carat emerald appears larger than a 1-carat diamond; another reason emerald gemstones are favoured by those seeking affordable engagement rings.

What do emerald gemstone rings represent?

In ancient times, placing an emerald under the tongue was thought to help a person see into the future. The vivid green gemstone was also believed to expose the truth, protect against evil spells, cure diseases, make its wearers more eloquent speakers, and reveal the sincerity of a lover’s oath.

Once worshipped by Cleopatra and considered a symbol of fertility and immortality, emerald rings today are appreciated for their rarity and striking green colour, admired by modern-day royalty and celebrities the world over.

Buying Emerald Rings Online: FAQs

Are rings with emeralds valuable?

Emerald is considered one of the four precious gemstones, alongside diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Emeralds are believed to be more than 20 times rarer than diamonds, making rings with emeralds indeed very valuable.

What is the most desirable emerald ring colour?

While emeralds range in colour from yellow-green to deep jade, they are only ever green, with the most popular colour being bluish green to pure green.

Here’s what our customers think of our Green Emerald diamond rings…

“What an amazing emerald ring I got!!! Thank you so much Charmi for helping me find the right ring. I am wearing this everyday and love to get compliments everyday. I recommend my friends and family to SH to get the best quality precious jewellery.”

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