Rolex Watches - Melbourne Australia

SH Jewellery is proud to offer authentic men’s and women’s Rolex watches in our Melbourne showroom, just 30 minutes from the CBD. While SH Jewellery is not an official Rolex Australia retailer, our curated range of genuine Rolex timepieces is obtained from well-connected watch suppliers, both nationally and internationally, with whom we’ve built trusted relationships over our 18 years in business.

Coined in 1908 by founder Hans Wilsdorf, the word “Rolex” embodies the brand’s quest for watch-making excellence, pursued relentlessly over 11 decades.
Following the visionary name, the terms “Oyster”, “Perpetual” and “Superlative Chronometer” were devised, and are today engraved on every Rolex dial, representing the brand’s commitment to constant innovation.
“Oyster” speaks to the watches’ resistance to natural elements and waterproof qualities, crowning Rolex the first water-resistant wristwatch in history.
“Perpetual” represents the connection between time and movement, captured by the Perpetual rotor self-winding system, which converts wrist movements into a power reserve that tunes the beat of the watch to the life of the wearer.
“Superlative Chronometer” depicts the brand’s endless pursuit of perfection, ensuring the precision, water resistance, reliability and autonomy of every single Rolex Australia watch, backed by performance and durability guarantees.

      396 pieces
      396 pieces