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      Rolex Submariner

      From the Seven Seas to the red carpet, this versatile timepiece, launched in 1935, was the first divers’ wristwatch waterproofed to a depth of 100 metres (300 feet). Now taking thrill-seekers down 300 metres (1,000 feet), the Rolex Submariner’s luminescent display, large hands and enhanced rotatable bezel grip create the ultimate divers’ survival tool for effectively monitoring time underwater.

      With corrosion-resistant ceramic and virtually scratchproof Cerachrom bezel insert, its colour is unaffected by seawater, chlorinated water and ultraviolet rays.

      Worn by James Cameron the first time he laid eyes on the Titanic, and again when receiving his Oscar for directing the 1998 Best Picture, the Rolex Submariner’s pioneering features continue to meet the practical needs of divers seeking a watch as technically advanced as it is aesthetically striking.

      Rolex Oyster Perpetual

      With dials in subtle and vibrant colours, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual is a statement of modernity. With classic universal appeal, this contemporary wristwatch is the ultimate marriage of function and form, demonstrating the pioneering origins of Rolex design.

      Guaranteed waterproof to a depth of 100 metres (330 feet), the Oyster case offers Rolex movement with optimal protection from dust and water. 

      Crafted exclusively from a solid block of Oystersteel, the middle case possesses corrosion-resistant qualities commonly found in aerospace and chemical industries, while maintaining exceptional sheen and lustre in the harshest environments. 

      Hermetically screwed down with a special tool exclusive to Rolex watchmakers, the case back is edged with fine fluting.

      Additional core components include the double-watertight structure of the Twinlock winding crown, designed to screw down securely against the case. 

      Hailed by the brand as the ‘purest expression of Rolex’s manufacturing spirit’, the Oyster Perpetual was designed for those who see no limitations; only boundless opportunity.

      Rolex Datejust

      Launched in 1945, the Rolex Datejust was the first self-winding waterproof chronometer wristwatch to feature a window displaying the date. Enhanced in 1953 by the addition of a magnifying Cyclops lens, Datejust embodies Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf’s belief that watchmaking progress should inspire human progress. 

      An inimitable timepiece combining comfort and legibility, this pioneering design features five rows of metal links marked by fluid contours and an elegant clasp. 

      Wearers are invited to personalise the design with their choice of smooth, domed, fluted or diamond-set bezel, and a dial that reflects their personal style - palm patterns, fluted motifs, sunray finish, diamond-set and mother of pearl.

      Worn by icons Winston Churchill, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Martin Luther King, the Datejust spans generations with timeless style, reinventing itself with every release for today’s independent and active wearer.

      Rolex Yacht-Master II

      An effortless blend of function and seafaring style embodies the nautical spirit of Rolex Australia in this emblematic watch of the sailing world. First released in 2007, the Yacht-Master II is designed for yachting competitions and experienced sailors, with its regatta chronograph featuring countdown function with mechanical memory programmable from 1 to 10 minutes.

      This countdown can be synchronised on the fly, offering sailors the precision required for the all-important starting sequence of a regatta, and the bidirectional 60-minute graduated bezel enables wearers to read time intervals, such as sailing time between buoys.

      A celebration of the intrinsic links between Rolex and the sailing world that date back to the 1950s, the Yacht-Master II is a competitive edge on the water, and dependable companion on land.

      Rolex Sea-Dweller

      An ultra-resistant professional divers’ watch launched in 1967, the Rolex Sea-Dweller is a nod to the long-shared history between Rolex and deep-sea explorers.

      Waterproof to a depth of 1,220 metres (4,000 feet), the Rolex Sea-Dweller was designed specifically for saturation diving in close partnership with Comex professionals (Compagnie Maritime d’Expertises).

      To  meet the challenges of ascending to the surface, the Sea-Dweller features a patented unidirectional helium escape valve that automatically and gradually releases internal pressure inside the case as required, without compromising the watch's waterproofness.

      In 1970, the Sea-Dweller’s waterproof capability was further enhanced with the addition of a Triplock system, featuring a second O-ring inside the tube designed to resist even the tiniest particles.

      Aesthetics and technology fuse effortlessly in the corrosion-resistant 904L Oyster steel Sea-Dweller bracelet, achieving the elusive alchemy of form and function. They may not always remember your suit, but they’ll never forget your Sea-Dweller Rolex.

      Rolex Submariner Date

      The rotatable bezel is a key feature of the Rolex Submariner Date watch, allowing divers to accurately and safely monitor diving time and decompression stops with 60-minute graduations.

      The Cerachrom bezel insert is virtually scratchproof thanks to its hard, corrosion-resistant ceramic manufactured by Rolex, and no matter how dark the environment, the luminescent Chromalight capsule on the zero marker ensures ease of legibility.

      Made from Oystersteel, the Submariner Date offers maximum resistance to the elements, while maintaining an exceptional polished sheen. 

      The bezel’s knurled edge is carefully designed to offer easy underwater grip even with gloves on, and easily distinguishable hour marker shapes allow accurate readings to minimise risk of confusion underwater.

      Robust, comfortable and versatile, the Submariner Date transitions effortlessly from a diving suit to a dinner suit, exemplifying the secret Rolex recipe of form, function, aesthetics and technology.

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      First time buying a Rolex for my partner and I couldn’t be happier! They make the process so easy and that’s why I keep coming back. Highly recommend for all my friends and family! :-)

      Wayne K.

      SH Jewellery are really stunning jewellers had lots of Rolex of latest years, thanks for providing us whatever we ordered, we flew all the way from Sydney to get it from there.


      I just walk passed by SH jewellery,their front window was looking very impressive with gorgeous diamond jewellery and authentic Rolex watches. I went inside to just browse and ended up purchasing beautiful gift for my daughter.Glad I visited them.highly recommended

      Feriha A.

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      Are you an official Rolex retailer?

      No, we are not directly affiliated with Rolex Australia and our curated selection of watches are sourced from our contacts in the watch industry.

      Are SH Jewellery's Rolex Watches brand new?

      Yes, our watches are brand new and come complete with box and papers.

      What is the warranty on Rolex watches?

      Rolex watches are covered by a 5 Year International Warranty (from date of card).

      Other brands may vary.

      Are the Rolex Watches in stock and available for purchase?

      Yes, our watches are in stock and available for purchase.

      Watches that have been sold will be marked as SOLD.

      Orders can be picked up from our Springvale showroom or shipped. We ship watches to our clients on a regular basis, fully insured.

      Some Rolex Watches are very hard to source. How are you able to stock them?

      We have been in business for nearly 20 years and have connections with many people in the watch industry, both locally and internationally. We work very hard with all our contacts to ensure the best timepieces are made available for you.

      Are SH Jewellery's Rolex Watches authentic?

      Yes 100% guaranteed. All watches are authentic and come complete with box and papers. Although SH Jewellery is not an official Rolex Australia retailer, our curated collection of brand new Rolex timepieces is sourced from reputable watch suppliers, both here in Australia and overseas, with whom we’ve developed trusted relationships since 2005.

      How does pricing work for Rolex Watches?

      We purchase our watches at market prices and also sell them at market prices, taking only a small margin. A manufacturer's SRP (suggested retail price) does not mean watches will trade at that price on the market. 

      What are my pickup or delivery options?

      Your watch can be picked up from our Springvale showroom (30mins from Melbourne CBD) or we can ship the watch out to you.

      We ship Australia wide and internationally and our shipments are secure and fully insured.

      The balance of your order must be paid before it can be picked up or shipped out.

      Is it safe to have my watch shipped?

      Yes, absolutely. We use a secure overnight courier and your order will be fully insured. We send multiple parcels every week and will keep you informed with tracking details.

      I can't pay the full amount yet. Can I leave a deposit to reserve a watch?

      Yes. If you have seen a watch that you like and don't want to risk missing out on the purchase, you can click the Reserve this Watch button to reserve the watch.

      Why are Rolex watches so expensive?

      Rolex watches feature real gemstones, including diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, paired with precious metals. Their 904L Oyster Steel is commonly described as the ‘corrosion-resistant superalloy’, made exclusively in-house by Rolex to ensure durability against the harshest of elements, and water resistance up to 3,900 metres (Rolex Deepsea).

      In addition to their superior materials, Rolex has a highly skilled internal Research & Development Team that works alongside scientists and researchers in Rolex-owned labs to ensure the brand is constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of professional watch making.

      These attributes combined are the reason Rolex commands a premium price for their world-first technology, meticulous craftsmanship and timeless style.

      Do Rolex watches hold their value?

      As the most widely recognised luxury watch brand in the world, offering superlative quality and ingenuity, Rolex watches are renowned for maintaining and increasing their value. Compared with other brands, Rolex watches have high resale value when serviced regularly and kept in good condition, making them a popular collectors' item. Rarer models, like the Daytona and Submariner, can attract higher prices, even in a declining financial market.

      Where are Rolex watches made?

      All authentic Rolex watches Australia are manufactured, assembled and rigorously tested exclusively in Switzerland at the brand’s four sites, hosting 9,000 highly skilled employees operating cutting-edge technology; the watches are developed and assembled in the Acacias district in Geneva; the movements are manufactured in the town of Bienne; the cases and bracelets are produced in the Plan-les-Ouates municipality; and the dials, bezels and bezel inserts are crafted in the municipality of Chêne-Bourg - where the Rolex gemmology and gem-setting experts work their magic.