Sapphire Dress Rings

The SH collection of sapphire dress rings, wedding bands and cocktail rings features an exclusively range available in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum. All our gold rings with sapphire have been designed in-house from the ground up and refined over years to ensure only the best designs with the highest quality blue gemstones carry the coveted SH brand.

Sapphire Dress Ring Styles

Our real sapphire rings represent four styles; sapphire and diamond bands; Timeless sapphire rings; halo sapphire rings; and sapphire cocktail rings.

To determine your sapphire band size, download our free printable ring sizer, or purchase a Ring Sizer Tool for $35, with the full amount redeemable on your sapphire and diamond ring purchase.

Best Cut for Sapphire Solitaire Rings

Oval-cut sapphires are the most effective shape for blue sapphire diamond rings to emphasise the gemstone’s colour, as they allow maximum light to pass through the stone.

Adding a pavé-set diamond halo around an oval sapphire centre stone creates an opulent arrangement of contrast and sparkle beautifully punctuated by diamond and sapphire earrings of the same halo shape.

SH sapphire band rings also feature Round, Cushion, Pear-Cut and Princess-Cut sapphires complemented by diamonds 3-4 grades above industry standard and 7-8 grades above most chain retailers.

Determining Sapphire Rings’ Quality

Although sapphire quality is determined by colour, carat, cut and clarity, a sapphire’s shape and colour are the primary indicators of value. Being dichroic gemstones, their colour can vary based on the angle being viewed.

When choosing a sapphire wedding band or cocktail ring, Hue, Tone and Saturation are the primary colour criteria. Saturation refers to the amount of colour, hue refers to the stone’s colour, and tone refers to the lightness or darkness of the sapphire; the darker blue the sapphire, the more desirable the stone.

The majority of blue sapphires have some minor visible inclusions. Finding one without any inclusions is rare, and such stones carry a heavier price tag.

Famous Sapphire Rings

Blue sapphire rings have been a symbol of status, wealth and royalty for centuries. Perhaps the most recognisable celebrity sapphire ring is the sapphire engagement ring once belonging to Princess Diana, now worn by her daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton. Other iconic white gold and sapphire rings include the 3-carat Oval-cut blue sapphire ring worn by actress Penelope Cruz, and the 9-carat blue sapphire gold ring given to fellow actress Elizabeth Hurley by the late Australian cricket icon Shane Warne.

Shop Sapphire Wedding Bands & Dress Rings At SH Jewellery

With over 30 exclusively designed natural sapphire rings with diamonds available, you’re guaranteed to find a style within your budget that reflects your personality and unique hand ratios.

All blue sapphire wedding rings and dress rings under $3k are available with Afterpay, and all rings above $1k can be conveniently purchased using Zipmoney.

To shop online with FREE delivery and 30-day exchange, use our Virtual Try On tool below the image carousel on each product page for a realistic representation of how our gold and sapphire cocktail rings will suit your fingers.

Alternatively, you can try on our full range in person just 30 minutes from Melbourne's city centre. Our non-commissioned blue sapphire band and cocktail ring specialists are available to help you find the perfect design for your special occasion or gifting needs.

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