Our People

At SH Jewellery, we believe education is key when it comes to making one of life's most emotionally and financially significant investments.

That's why our team consists of Jewellery and Diamond Specialists who have themselves been involved in the sourcing, designing and evolution of our collections.

There are many variables to consider when buying engagement rings, such as the grade of the diamond, the size and shape of the stone, the type of metal, the style of the band, the practicality of the dimensions and the overall feel of the design.

"By asking the right questions and patiently guiding customers through a budget-sensitive selection process, we eliminate the doubt and uncertainty around buying diamond jewellery and assist you in arriving at a decision with complete confidence...

Jewellery you'll fall in love with, over and over again."

Our Diamond Specialists are experienced in serving clients at all stages in the buying process. Whether it's your first time in a Melbourne jewellery store, or you've spent weeks researching and comparing diamond rings online, our consultative approach welcomes questions to ensure you have all the facts needed to make a technically, financially and emotionally-sound decision.

With this education-first philosophy, the SH family has built a delighted clientele of repeat customers based on trust, and we're honoured to be advising on heirloom diamond jewellery that will be passed on and treasured for many generations to come.

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