Men's & Women's Wedding Bands


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If you're looking for unique Men's and Women's wedding bands; SH Jewellery located in the South East of Melbourne offers an amazing range. Our Jewellery Specialists will show you a complete range of Wedding Bands to choose from

We carry a large selection of wedding bands and rings from traditional to more modern designs, all while utilising the finest diamonds, metals and craftsmanship.

Whatever the size, colour or shape of your engagement ring, our exclusive and unique women’s wedding band range, will have a beautiful ring to compliment your set. Our jewellery specialists can help you match yellow gold, white gold or platinum rings.

The wedding band is a symbol of your love and marriage and we understand how important it is to you. At SH Jewellery we specialise in high end diamond jewellery and spare no effort when it comes to selecting the finest materials for our wedding bands range. If you are looking for a wedding band that has been uniquely designed and will sparkle for a life time then look no further. Our selection of high end women's wedding bands is one of the best in Melbourne.

Whether you're after a plain wedding band without diamonds or one with diamonds, our collection is easy to browse and we're sure you'll find that special ring to be cherished for a lifetime. Our diamond wedding bands come in a variety of design and setting styles. Whether you're after a pave set, grain set, channel set, or floating diamond wedding band, we've got the designs to meet your needs. We carry white gold, yellow gold, two tone gold, rose gold and platinum wedding bands which utilize the finest metals and are crafted to a beautiful finish and high end luxury feel. Our designs are available in store; so feel free to come in and visit one of the most exclusive diamond jewellery stores in Melbourne.

291 pieces

291 pieces


Do couples wedding bands have to match?

In the past it was common for couples’ wedding bands to match, creating a visual sense of cohesion and unity. Nowadays, couples are increasingly choosing wedding band designs and metal colours that best reflect their own personal style, regardless of whether they match their partner’s wedding band.

Do you wear your engagement ring with your wedding ring?

In Australia, both the engagement ring and wedding band are traditionally worn together on the left hand (fourth finger from the right); once fabled to have a direct vein to the heart. Although proven untrue, the tradition remains. Some people move their engagement ring to the right hand for the duration of their wedding ceremony, and others leave it there permanently if the two rings are dissimilar in style and present better independently.

How much should you spend on a woman’s wedding band?

Plain gold women’s wedding bands range from around $350 to $1,400, depending on the metal type and ring width. Diamond designs start from around $700 and can reach $10,000+, depending on the number of diamonds and design complexity. Multi-row, eternity and wider width diamond wedding bands command a higher price, based on the volume of diamonds featured. Everybody's financial situation is unique, so set a realistic budget and take advantage of 'buy now, pay later' services to make convenient, interest-free installments.

How do I choose a wedding ring design?

For most people, choosing a wedding ring design means finding a style that’s cohesive with their engagement ring; usually of the same metal colour, finish, width and diamond setting type. For others, matching wedding bands are more important than choosing a style that complements their engagement ring, and budget may also influence the decision.

Is an engagement ring more expensive than a wedding ring?

Generally speaking, an engagement ring is more expensive than a wedding ring due to the substantial feature diamond found in engagement rings, and the abundance of diamonds and design complexity in modern engagement rings. If your engagement ring design is simple with a modest diamond, it’s possible a wedding band featuring multiple diamonds will be more expensive.

How do you wear diamond wedding bands?

Women’s diamond wedding bands are traditionally worn in front of the engagement ring on the left hand (fourth finger from the right). They are best paired with diamond engagement rings of the same metal colour, width and diamond setting type. Women’s fancy diamond wedding bands can also make a beautifully contrasted companion for a plain-band solitaire engagement ring.