Understanding Diamond Ring Settings: 6 Styles

Understanding Diamond Ring Settings: 6 Styles

6 Popular Styles Explained With Pictures


Pavé-Set Diamonds

SH Jewellery’s most popular setting type, Pavé (pronounced ‘pah-vay’), originates from the French word ‘to pave’, in this case using .01-.02 size carat diamonds to create a cobblestone effect. When smaller carat diamonds are used it’s known as a mirco-pavé setting, typically featured in thin bands.

Pavé settings produce an all over glow by arranging the diamonds low and close together using small metal beads or prongs barely visible beneath the canopy of sparkle. White gold is a popular choice for pavé-set jewellery, as some believe it blends more easily with the diamonds than yellow or rose gold, allowing them to glow effortlessly with low metal visibility.

Pavé-Set Women’s Wedding Band with Milgrain Half-RowsRose gold pavé set women's diamond wedding band (2mm)Intertwined Pavé Set Diamond Band (3.3mm)


Channel-Set Diamonds

Channel settings feature diamonds set between two vertical metal walls, creating a flat profile for ultimate protection. There is no metal between the diamonds, allowing maximum light to flood the stones. 

In most cases, the metal in channel settings slightly overlaps the side of the diamonds, forming a small lip that shields them from accidental knocks. The absence of prongs or claws in channel settings makes this snag-free design unlikely to catch on clothes or hair. 

Due to its flat profile, channel settings are a popular choice for women’s wedding bands, as well as similarly styled stackable rings, which can be worn in tandem. They also feature heavily in the shanks of Timeless engagement rings, adding side sparkle for extra effect.

 Cleaning channel-set diamonds is more difficult than other settings, as dirt can build up inside the channels. With SH’s complimentary jewellery cleaning service, however, you won’t have to worry about cleaning diamond jewellery at home.


Prong-Set / Claw-Set Diamonds

Prong settings (also known as claw settings) feature two or more metal prongs that wrap around the crown of the diamond. Once the diamond is placed inside the basket-like prong formation, the prongs are bent to tightly secure the stone in place.

Timeless 6-claw

Timeless 6-claw solitaire


While rounded prongs are the most common type of SH claw setting, we also offer more decorative designs like square, heart, pointed and arrow-shaped claws.

Timeless Emerald Cut Four claw diamond ring4-Claw solitaire engagement ring with heart shaped prong tips


With minimal metal required in prong settings, more light is able to pass through the diamond for maximum shine. With much of the diamond exposed, prong settings are very easy to maintain and clean, and can be easily modified to lower or elevate the setting if you wish to add more diamonds in future.


Poorly made prongs can easily snag on clothes and bedsheets, compromising the integrity of the design over time. While SH Jewellery’s prototype wear-testing procedures ensure our settings can withstand the events of day-to-day life, we recommend having your prong-set engagement ring inspected at our Melbourne jewellery store every 6-12 months, either by visiting us in-store or securely posting your item back to us.

Minimalistic 4-Claw Oval Solitaire With Tapered Band6-Claw Classic Solitaire Diamond Stud EarringsWomen's Shared Prong-Set Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Band


Bezel-Set Diamonds

Bezel settings are identified by a metal fringe that gently overlaps the entire circumference of a diamond to secure it in place; a popular choice for the more fragile marquise-cut diamonds and pear-cut diamonds.
Bezel solitaire diamond pendant
One of the safest options, bezel-set diamonds are well protected from surprise knocks and bumps, making it ideal for those with active lifestyles. Its flat profile makes it snag-resistant and less likely to require emergency repairs, like those associated with warped or broken prongs.
Dotted Halo Bezel Set Studs Modern tri gold three ring ball stacker set
Because the base of the diamond is concealed within the metal, less light is able to filter through the stone. To allow more light to reach the diamond, a half-bezel setting can be used, which features a break in the metal for light to reach in between. 
Modern Half-Bezel Set Diamond Band 


Floating / Tension-Set Diamonds

In a floating or tension-set piece, the diamond appears to be suspended rather than held in place by prongs or metal. This mesmerising illusion is created using a compression technique that clamps the diamond in place with very minimal metal contact.
Due to the mechanical strength required for tension-set rings, the shank of the ring is typically quite thick and not easily resized, as floating diamonds are calibrated based on the exact dimensions of the diamond… So size wisely
Two-Tone Wedding Band With Floating Diamond & Channel-Set ShouldersRose Gold Wedding Band With Floating Diamond & Channel-Set Shoulders
 With almost all of the stone exposed, cleaning tension-set diamonds is easy, however yearly inspections are recommended to ensure structural integrity is maintained.

Diagonal Floating Diamond Pendant


Eternity Diamond Rings

The romantic’s choice, eternity ring diamonds are set around the entire perimeter of the ring to symbolise never-ending love. They form a continuous line of identically cut stones, so you never have to spin the ring to face it forward on your finger. 
Channel-Set Eternity Medium Width Women’s Wedding Band (3.4mm)Wider scalloped women’s diamond eternity band (3.5mm)Thin pavé set women's diamond eternity wedding band (1.6mm) 
Also known as Infinity, eternity rings can feature Pavé, Channel, Prong or Bezel-Set diamonds and are a popular choice for women’s wedding bands. They also make for impressive dress rings, offering all-over reflection for maximum effect.  
Full eternity medium 3-row pave set diamond band
Full eternity medium 3-row pave set diamond band



Need help?

Our team of Diamond & Jewellery Specialists are on hand to help when you need us. If you’ve got questions about which setting is best suited for your diamond engagement ring or gemstone jewellery, check out our support options, browse FAQs, or visit the Springvale showroom to experience our famous customer service in-store.