What is a Classic Engagement Ring?
Everything You Need to Know About Traditional Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings If you were asked to draw an engagement ring, chances are you would sketch a classic solitaire engagement ring with a Round Brilliant Cut diamond on a simple gold...
The Rise of Sapphire Engagement Rings
And the Celebrities That Made Them Famous Long associated with royals and Hollywood A-listers, sapphire engagement rings are making their mainstream debut in 2022, proving these regal, blue-hued beauties are an affordable engagement ring option for modern-day couples.   SHOP...
What is a Promise Ring & When Do I Get One?
Imagine this… You’ve just met the girl of your dreams and you know she’s ‘The One’. It’s been a whirlwind three months of passion and romance, so you decide it’s time to take things further. You present her with an...
How to Shop for Affordable Engagement Rings

Fortunately, this socially outdated and financially insensitive myth no longer holds any weight, and the true value of an engagement ring today is determined by more factors than price alone.

Male Engagement Rings: Are They Seriously a Thing?
The Engagement Jewellery Trend For Men For some couples, traditional engagement ring etiquette where only the woman wears a diamond ring is considered an outdated patriarchal institution that belongs in the past. After all, why would only one partner wear...
What is the right Engagement Ring & Wedding Band hand?
Traditions & Tales of Which Ring Goes Where For those who’ve fantasised about their perfect proposal and dream wedding before even meeting their partner, knowing the right engagement ring finger and wedding band hand is common knowledge. But for the uninitiated hopefuls...
What to Expect When Buying an Engagement Ring
We’ve formulated a short list of things to expect when planning the perfect wedding proposal for your partner.
How to Select a Wedding Band that Beautifully Complements your Engagement Ring
As your wedding band is a symbol of your love and commitment for one another, it’s important to choose a band that not only reflects your style, but one that compliments your existing engagement ring, in every way.
The Complete A-Z Glossary of Buying Engagement Rings
Your Cheat Sheet to Diamond Engagement Ring Lingo Use this alphabetical engagement ring guide for diamond & jewellery terminology and learn how to choose an engagement ring with confidence. Abrasion A tiny scratch on a diamond’s surface. Alloy A mixture...
What is a Fancy Diamond Shape?

Discover the different types of fancy diamond cuts used in SH Jewellery's exclusive range of 18kt gold diamond engagement rings.

Understanding Diamond Ring Settings: 6 Styles
Learn how to identify the different diamond settings in jewellery including the benefits of each explained with images & videos.
5 Common Engagement Ring Categories Explained
The process of buying an engagement ring begins with choosing a design category. At SH Jewellery, we keep this process simple by organising our diamond engagement rings into 5 easily identifiable categories. Solitaire Solitaire engagement rings are the most traditional...
How to Clean a Diamond Engagement Ring
Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaning Machine Instructions   Step 1: Setup the Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaning Machine as shown in our setup video. Step 2: Gently place your diamond ring into the water to rest on the base of the machine. Step 3: Turn the Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaner on by hitting the “On/Off” button. Step 4: Wait 3-5 minutes for the cleaning process [...]
Questions To Ask Your Jeweller Before Purchasing
There is already a multiple of things to consider when thinking about proposing to someone. With already plenty going on, knowing and finding the time to research every detail about the engagement ring just isn’t ideal.
What your ring says about you
Rings, just like a gem or stone, can mean a variety of different things. In this short guide, we explore a range of different rings ranging from classic wedding and engagement rings to the more uncommon eternity or friendship rings.
Ways to Save When Buying an Engagement Ring
Here at SH Jewellery, we understand that it can be difficult to shop for an engagement ring on a budget. That’s why we’ve formulated a list of 8 tips and tricks to help you give your partner the ring that they deserve while sticking to your budget. 
How to Choose the Perfect Carat Size for Engagement Ring
Some women will tell you that size doesn’t matter, but we all know they’re just being kind. In diamond world, bigger is usually always better but can often be restricted by your budget or the shape of her fingers so we’ve rounded up our top tips to help you get the [...]
The perfect metal for your skin tone
Once upon a time, choosing a yellow gold engagement ring and matching wedding ring was a no-brainer for newlyweds. It was the most popular metal when choosing jewels to celebrate an engagement or marriage but in recent years, white gold has overtaken yellow gold as the most popular choice for brides [...]
The Modern Trend: Ring Stacking and its Origins
The ring stacking trend has been around for generations but it is not until recently that it became a trend and not so much the tradition that it once was. We’ve gone back through time to uncover the history behind the trend and how it has developed in the 21st century.
7 Steps on How to Keep the Entire Proposal a Surprise!
It’s a known fact that surprises are hard to keep from your other half when you’re already living together, spending your weekends together and knowing the other’s timetable of where and when they should be at work or home.
Insuring your Engagement Ring. Is it worth it?
Insuring your Engagement Ring. Is it worth it? Getting engaged is an exciting time for couples and with it comes a sparkling diamond on your left hand. Whilst it’s most likely that last thing on your mind, insuring your ring can be one of the best decisions you can make.