How to Find Your Ring Size

How to Find Your Ring Size

A Guide for Australian Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

Finding your ring size might not be the most glamorous part of buying engagement rings or wedding bands, but it’s arguably the most important - even the best Australian engagement rings won’t see the light of day if they’re left in a drawer due to poor fit.

Fortunately, there are multiple ways to find your ring size, most of which can be done conveniently and accurately from the comfort of your home.

Option 1: Get Sized by a Professional

The most accurate way to determine your engagement ring size is to get fitted by a professional jeweller. If you’re in Melbourne, book a complimentary appointment at our store and we’ll measure your ring finger to find the right size.


Option 2: Use an Online Ring Sizer Tool

If you can’t visit a jeweller, use a free online ring sizer. First step is downloading a PDF that features a printable ring size chart, then printing the chart on A4 paper at 100% size or scale - this part is super important for an accurate ring measurement.

To make sure you’ve printed it correctly, take a wooden ruler, sewing tape or builder’s tape measure and hold it against the ruler on the page, which should match the measurements. If not, double check your settings and ensure “Fit to Page” is NOT selected. You could also try selecting “Actual Size”.

Once the ruler on the page matches measurements on a real ruler, you’re ready to go! Take an existing, well-fitting ring and slide it over the top of the ring size chart to find the corresponding circle (the inside of your ring should align with the circle on the paper). The letter in each circle represents Australian ring sizes, which is what you need to buy engagement rings online from SH Jewellery.

If you already know your ring size in US or Canadian measurements, you can use the ring size chart included in the PDF to convert to an Australian ring size.

Don’t have an existing well-fitted ring?

If you don’t have an existing ring to measure against the PDF, you can cut out the ruler on the printed PDF and hold it around your ring finger. This can be easier and more accurate if done by someone else, so ask your partner or a friend to help mark the ruler in the appropriate spot once the paper is snug (but not too tight) around your ring finger.

Repeat this process three times to ensure an accurate reading, then use the paper ruler ring you’ve created to measure against the circles on the printed PDF. And voilà! You’ve found your ring size.

Don’t have a printer?

If you don’t have a printer at home, you can hold an existing ring against the circles on your computer screen. Just make sure the PDF is showing at 100% on your screen first.
To do this, take a tape measure or ruler, and measure the ruler on the screen to ensure it’s true to size. If not, use the zoom feature to zoom in or out and adjust accordingly.

Option 3: Order a Pop-Out Plastic Ring Sizer Tool

There are a multitude of ring size tools available online, ranging from metal rings and measuring sticks, to ring measuring apps and zip tie gauges. After carefully reviewing the options available, SH Jewellery’s preferred method for those that can’t make it instore is a Ring Sizer Tool with popout plastic rings.

The SH Ring Sizer Tool is an accurate, easy to use tool for conveniently finding your ring size at home, which doesn’t require a printer, tape measure or assistance from a friend. The plastic sheet contains 23 sizes ranging from 2 1/2 to 14, graduated in half sizes.

The Ring Sizer Tool with punch-out plastic rings costs $35, and the full cost is redeemable on SH Jewellery women’s and men’s engagement rings, wedding bands, dress rings, stacking rings or cocktail rings when purchased within 3 months of ordering. Delivery is free to Australian addresses and $10 from every sale goes towards life-changing charities through our giving partner, i=Change.

 Margaret T. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
This is a really good product. Easy to use and easy to understand how to determine ring size. This tool is very handy to keep, as one can always refer to it for sizes, when purchasing rings over the internet.

Jessica L. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
The delivery was super quick and the sizer was very easy to use. Such an easy way to find out the exact size you want without going into the store, I highly recommend.

Matt G. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
The sizer works perfectly and also the advice as to how to use it made the whole process easy. Definitely recommend.



How to Use the Plastic Ring Sizer Tool


Insert your finger into the plastic circles until you find a good fit. The ring should slide over your knuckle without too much resistance, then sit comfortably on the base of your finger.


Once you've found a suitable size, pop the plastic ring from the sheet and repeat the fitting process, removing and re-trying the chosen ring 3 more times for an accurate fit.


To be absolutely sure you’ve got it right, remove the plastic rings one size above and one size under, then repeat the fitting process. If you can rotate the ring without feeling the band around most of your finger, try a smaller size. If a lubricant is required to take the ring off, go for a bigger size.

Things to Remember When Finding Engagement Ring Size

RING FINGER: Traditionally, engagement rings and wedding rings are both worn on the ring finger of the left hand (next to your pinky finger). There’s a bit of history behind which finger to wear your engagement ring on, but at the end of the day, just make sure you’re measuring whichever finger you decide to wear your ring.

WEATHER: If you’re measuring in cooler weather, allow for some spin/movement for warmer weather when your finger swells in size. If you’re measuring in warmer weather, the ring should have a snug to tight fit for when the weather cools down, so it doesn’t become too loose.

Complimentary Ring Resizing

If you’re planning a surprise engagement and your partner doesn’t have a suitable ring for size comparison, don’t stress - SH Jewellery offers complimentary ring resizing on all engagement rings within six months of purchase. It usually takes us around two weeks after receiving your ring, which we’ll securely post back to you with our insured couriers free of charge.

Get Help Finding Your Ring Size

If you need assistance finding your ring size or have any questions about the ring sizing tools above, get in touch with our non-commissioned team of Diamond Jewellery Consultants via our industry leading support and we’ll be happy to talk you through it.


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