Never Ending, Forever Trending Eternity Rings
Unlocking the Symbolism & Meaning Behind Infinity Rings Few jewellery designs carry as much emotional weight and symbolism as eternity rings, often worn as women’s wedding bands, anniversary mementos and dress rings. Eternity rings for women are not just captivating...
How to Find Your Ring Size
A Guide for Australian Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands Finding your ring size might not be the most glamorous part of buying engagement rings or wedding bands, but it’s arguably the most important - even the best Australian engagement rings...
Scintillating Christmas Gift Ideas for Him & Her

Christmas Gifting Made Easy

For a little help finding the perfect Christmas gifts this year, get in touch with our non-commissioned Diamond Jewellery Consultants in Melbourne.

Our multilingual team will help you navigate the extensive SH range with a budget-sensitive selection process to reach a shortlist of pieces consistent with your recipients’ age, style and existing jewellery collection.
25 Unique Men’s Rings for Fashion-Forward Fellas
Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands & Dress Rings For Men Designed with Contemporary Gents in Mind Once upon a time a simple gold band was the standard for Men’s Wedding Rings, and the concept of men’s engagement rings was abstract, at...
Stacks are the New Black: 15 Best Selling Gold Stackable Rings
Stackable rings have been a symbol of beauty and abundance for centuries, gaining traction in recent times with the advent of social media; a quick Instagram search for #stacksarethenewblack and you’ll understand why…   The endless combinations of metals, gemstone...
Male Engagement Rings: Are They Seriously a Thing?
The Engagement Jewellery Trend For Men For some couples, traditional engagement ring etiquette where only the woman wears a diamond ring is considered an outdated patriarchal institution that belongs in the past. After all, why would only one partner wear...
Our top 5 gifts to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day
Whether you’re in a relationship, still looking or wondering if your latest love interest will surprise you with the chocolates this Valentines Day, chances are you haven’t spoilt yourself in a while and what better time to do it than now?
How to Select a Wedding Band that Beautifully Complements your Engagement Ring
As your wedding band is a symbol of your love and commitment for one another, it’s important to choose a band that not only reflects your style, but one that compliments your existing engagement ring, in every way.
The Complete A-Z Glossary of Buying Engagement Rings
Your Cheat Sheet to Diamond Engagement Ring Lingo Use this alphabetical engagement ring guide for diamond & jewellery terminology and learn how to choose an engagement ring with confidence. Abrasion A tiny scratch on a diamond’s surface. Alloy A mixture...
Understanding Diamond Ring Settings: 6 Styles
Learn how to identify the different diamond settings in jewellery including the benefits of each explained with images & videos.
What your ring says about you
Rings, just like a gem or stone, can mean a variety of different things. In this short guide, we explore a range of different rings ranging from classic wedding and engagement rings to the more uncommon eternity or friendship rings.
Everything you need to plan for the big day, and in what order
Planning a wedding can be a monstrous task, especially when trying to juggle it with your everyday life - but you can make the process an enjoyable one when you’re organised and on top of it all.
The Modern Trend: Ring Stacking and its Origins
The ring stacking trend has been around for generations but it is not until recently that it became a trend and not so much the tradition that it once was. We’ve gone back through time to uncover the history behind the trend and how it has developed in the 21st century.
Top 5 Tips When Choosing a Men's Wedding Band
When choosing your Men's wedding ring, it’s difficult to know where to start. What size am I? What colour metal do I prefer? What style do I like? You might find yourself asking these common questions.