Male Engagement Rings: Are They Seriously a Thing?
The Engagement Jewellery Trend For Men For some couples, traditional engagement ring etiquette where only the woman wears a diamond ring is considered an outdated patriarchal institution that belongs in the past. After all, why would only one partner wear...
Understanding Diamond Ring Settings: 6 Popular Styles
Learn how to identify the different diamond settings in jewellery including the benefits of each explained with images & videos.
The 5 Most Common Engagement Ring Categories Explained
The process of buying an engagement ring begins with choosing a design category. At SH Jewellery, we keep this process simple by organising our diamond engagement rings into 5 easily identifiable categories. Solitaire Solitaire engagement rings are the most traditional...
Phone Consultations Now Available
Introducing our Personalised Phone Consultations! SH Jewellery is now offering over-the-phone consultations to give you the best possible personalised customer service, advice and assistance from the comfort of your own home.