Male Engagement Rings: Are They Seriously a Thing?

Male Engagement Rings: Are They Seriously a Thing?

The Engagement Jewellery Trend For Men

For some couples, traditional engagement ring etiquette where only the woman wears a diamond ring is considered an outdated patriarchal institution that belongs in the past.
After all, why would only one partner wear a symbol of their commitment and intention to marry when both parties are equally invested in tying the knot?!
It’s this quandary that’s driving the rise in unique male engagement rings, which are becoming increasingly mainstream for modern day couples in favour of equality.

What kind of man wears engagement jewellery?

There really are no prerequisites for wearing male engagement rings. Heterosexual celebrities like Johnny Depp, Ed Sheerin, Michael Buble and Charlie Sheen have all proudly worn men’s engagement rings, along with everyday meterosexual gents who appreciate male diamond rings, and gay couples, for whom engagement rings can symbolise a hard-earned win in the fight for marriage equality.
In some Latin American countries it is also common practice for men to buy male engagement rings, which are typically worn on their right hand for the duration of the engagement and moved to their left hand during the wedding ceremony.

How to Choose Male Engagement Rings

Being a relatively new phenomenon, there are no traditional guidelines to follow when it comes to choosing a men’s engagement ring, though there are price, practicality and design aspects to consider before settling on a ring.

Price: How much do male engagement rings cost?

The answer to this question depends on how much you want to spend. The best way to buy engagement rings online within your budget is using the search filter “Price, Low to High”. You can then browse rings in price order and create a shortlist of favourites to compare and share with your partner.
At SH Jewellery, we offer Afterpay on all jewellery under $2,000, and ZipMoney for purchases $2,000+ to make Melbourne engagement rings accessible for all budgets. We also run seasonal promotions in our newsletter, so subscribe in the footer and be the first to know about our male engagement ring promotions!

Design: Types of Male Engagement Rings

Men’s Engagement Rings with Diamonds

These are the most popular style of male engagement jewellery at SH, following the tradition of women’s engagement rings that prominently feature a centre diamond, and in some cases additional accent stones around the centre stone or in the shank of the ring.
At SH Jewellery, our diamonds are consistently 3-4 grades higher than industry standards and 7-8 grades higher than most chain retailers. Every diamond that’s hand-picked by our team is GIA certified and graded in an approved testing laboratory by no less than four randomly selected Gemologists to ensure an accurate and unbiased report, so that your male diamond ring meets the highest standard of globally recognised diamond grading available.

Male Engagement Rings Without Diamonds

Plain men’s rings without diamonds are another stylish ring for men to wear as an engagement ring, which still offer a great deal of design variation; the finish, shape, metal type, band width, edging and patterns can all be customised to personal preference.

Polished Finish Men’s Rings

This eye-catching finish is created by a high-speed polishing wheel that buffs the surface of the ring until it produces a shiny reflective appearance.

Satin Finish Men’s Rings

This type of finish feels smooth to touch like a polished finish, but does not have the same reflective qualities, making it ideal for men who like the smoothness of a polished ring without the high-shine effect.

Brushed Finish Men’s Rings

This type of finish is similar to a satin finish, but offers greater texture due to its tiny yet visible brush marks. This finish is popular amongst men with active lifestyles or jobs, as scratches don’t show up as easily on a brushed finish when compared with a smooth polished finish.

Round Shaped Men’s Rings

This classic men’s ring shape features a generous curve to both the interior and exterior of the ring. The interior curve of the ring (often referred to as “comfort fit”) allows for smoother contact with the finger, which some men find more comfortable than the more contemporary flat ring design that sits flush against the finger. Half-rounded rings have a rounded exterior, and the interior of the ring can be either flat or comfort fit.

Square Shaped Men’s Rings

For a more contemporary feel, square shaped men’s rings make great male engagement rings. The square exterior gives the gold band a substantial feel, while a smooth rounded interior provides the level of comfort needed for everyday wear.

Edging on Men’s Rings

The type of edging you choose for your male engagement ring also allows for a greater level of customisation. Unlike traditional rounded wedding rings that have a continuous outer surface, men’s bands with bevelled edges feature three flat surfaces, as their edges are cut at an angle towards the finger on both sides, typically with a high polish finish.
Milgrain is another style of edging that creates an ornate border by applying tiny metal dots to the edge of the ring.
And roping can also be applied to the edges of men’s rings for a more contemporary or nautical-inspired design.

More Unique Male Engagement Rings

For a greater range of contemporary men’s engagement jewellery and stylish wedding rings, visit the SH Jewellery Springvale showroom just 30km from Melbourne’s CBD. Here’s what our customers have to say about the famous SH in-store experience.

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