Sapphire Jewellery

The extensive SH collection of sapphire and diamond jewellery features deep blue sapphires hand selected for their superior cut, colour and clarity, accompanied by diamonds 3-4 grades above industry standards and 7-8 grades above most chain retailers.

What is the best cut for sapphires?

The most popular sapphire cuts in our natural sapphire and diamond jewellery range are Oval, Round and Cushion-Cut sapphires, followed by Princess, Heart and Pear-shaped sapphire jewellery.

The ‘best’ cut for sapphires is subjective, and each stone’s unique crystal structure is carefully considered during the cutting process to produce the best possible lustre and brilliance for each stone.

When sapphire jewellery is tilted at different angles, it should produce flashes of bright colour as it is moved, displaying few to no dull areas.

Is sapphire a good gemstone to use in jewellery?

Scoring an impressive 9 on Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness - second only to diamonds - sapphires are an excellent choice for everyday jewellery, given their durability and resistance to scratching.

When you purchase gold sapphire jewellery from SH, you receive complimentary lifetime jewellery inspection in our Springvale store to identify any maintenance required, and mitigate further damage with our competitive pricing on sapphire jewellery repairs.

When do you give sapphire jewellery?

As sapphire is the official birthstone for September, gold jewellery with sapphires is often gifted to people born during this month, and to mothers who give birth during September.

Sapphire rings may be appropriate for significant milestone birthdays, like 30th or 50th celebrations, while a pair of dainty diamond and sapphire earrings may be more suitable for those in-between birthdays.

Depending on which wedding anniversary gift list you follow, gold sapphire jewellery is also considered the official gemstone for celebrating 5th, 45th, 65th and 75th wedding anniversaries.

What does diamond jewellery with sapphires symbolise?

Symbolic of good fortune, wisdom, virtue and nobility, it’s no wonder blue sapphire jewellery has been a must-have accessory for royalty of all denominations and dynasties since time can tell.

Ancient Persians believed the colour of the sky was a reflection of the giant sapphire upon which the Earth rested, and in several other ancient cultures, sapphires represented heaven and holiness.

Modern day sapphires are synonymous with truth, sincerity and faithfulness, and as such are increasingly seen in sapphire engagement rings, offering a contemporary alternative to a classic engagement ring.

White Gold Sapphire Jewellery Exclusive to SH

Although white gold sapphire diamond jewellery is most popular, we also offer diamond sapphire jewellery in 18kt rose gold, yellow gold and platinum.

The collection features over 45 designs including bands, earrings, engagement rings, promise rings, cocktail rings and vintage-inspired designs all exclusively available from SH.

All sapphire diamond jewellery under $2,000 can be conveniently purchased in 4 x interest-free Afterpay instalments, and all blue sapphire jewellery over $1,000 can be purchased using Zipmoney.

To view the full range, visit our flagship store in Melbourne’s South East, just 30 minutes from the CBD. Alternatively, you can shop online with FREE, secure & insured delivery, 30-day exchange and industry-leading online support from our non-commissioned sapphire jewellery experts.

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      65 pieces