Pear-Cut Engagement Rings: What Makes Teardrop Diamonds a Timeless Choice

Pear-Cut Engagement Rings: What Makes Teardrop Diamonds a Timeless Choice

Amongst the myriad of modern engagement rings available in Australia today, few shapes and styles possess the poetic elegance and timeless magic of pear-cut engagement rings. Embodying the grace of a raindrop, their enchanting curves and playful facets have captivated couples for decades.

Let’s delve into the allure and symbolism of pear-shaped engagement rings, exploring their history, distinctive features, and what makes them an enduring symbol of everlasting love.

What is a pear-cut diamond?

A pear-cut diamond, also known as a teardrop diamond or pendeloque cut, is a combination of the Round Brilliant and Marquise Cuts, featuring a rounded bottom and a single point at the top. Its unique silhouette has made it a favourite among those seeking non-traditional and unique engagement rings.

Like all fancy diamonds, pear cuts have their own specific grading criteria, in particular regarding proportion and symmetry.

The History of Pear-Shaped Diamonds

The pear-shaped diamond has a rich history dating back to the 15th century. It was introduced by Lodewyk van Berquem, a Flemish diamond polisher, who is credited with inventing the diamond polishing wheel, known as a scaif.
The revolutionary polishing wheel allowed him to place facets onto a rough natural diamond with absolute symmetry, paving the way for the complicated diamond cuts that followed, like the pear cut.

How many facets does a pear-cut diamond have?

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The Perfect Pear-Cut Diamond Ratio

One of the most enchanting aspects of the pear-shaped diamond is its graceful silhouette. The cut of a pear-shaped diamond is crucial in determining its brilliance and overall appeal, and its length-to-width ratio plays a significant role in how the diamond appears on the finger. A ratio of about 1.50–1.75:1 is generally considered ideal, creating an aesthetically pleasing and flattering look.

Do pear-cut diamond rings make your fingers look longer?

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Which way should a pear-shaped ring face?

Symbolism of Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, pear-shaped diamonds carry a profound symbolism. The teardrop or pear shape is often associated with emotions, representing tears of joy and the emotional journey of love and unity.

This unique symbolism adds a layer of depth to the engagement ring, making it more than just a piece of jewellery, but a meaningful symbol of the couple's shared emotions and experiences.

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Pear-Cut Ring Setting Options

The pear-shaped diamond offers a range of setting options, each contributing to the overall aesthetic of the ring. A popular choice is the solitaire setting, which allows the pear-shaped diamond to take centre stage in either three or five prongs, showcasing its brilliance and unique shape without distraction.
Alternatively, a pear-cut halo setting can add extra sparkle by surrounding the centre diamond with a circle of smaller diamonds, enhancing its overall radiance.

For vintage-inspired rings, pear-shaped diamonds in a three-stone setting create a scintillating arrangement, with two pear cuts flanking a Round Brilliant, or vice versa.

The versatility of the pear shape extends to both modern and classic engagement rings, making it a widely-admired choice for a variety of tastes and styles.

Choosing the Right Metal

Selecting the right metal for a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring is a decision that can impact the overall look and feel of the ring.

White gold vs platinum - platinum is known for its durability and power to enhance the brilliance of the diamond with its white colour, while white gold offers a similar look to platinum at a more affordable price point.

Rose gold, with its subtle pink undertones, is a modern and amorous option that adds a touch of femininity to a pear-cut engagement ring.

Sapphire Pear-Cut Engagement Rings

For something even more unique than a pear-cut diamond, couples can opt for a pear-cut sapphire as the feature stone for their engagement ring, surrounded by smaller diamonds set in the halo and band.
This non-traditional, but equally stunning gemstone choice is ideal for engagement rings due to the hardness of sapphire (scoring 9 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, second only to diamonds).

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Cleaning a Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Like all diamonds, pear cuts require proper engagement ring cleaning to maintain their brilliance and beauty. SH Jewellery offers free ring cleaning up to six times per year for our exclusively designed Melbourne engagement rings, and complimentary lifetime aftercare to identify any maintenance issues with the setting or stones.


Finding the Perfect Pear-Cut Engagement Ring

In the world of engagement rings, the pear-shaped diamond stands as a timeless symbol of love and commitment. Its unique shape, rich history, and versatile interpretation make it a captivating choice for those seeking a distinctive and meaningful ring.

To view the full collection of exclusively designed pear-cut diamond and sapphire engagement rings at SH Jewellery, visit our Melbourne store just 30 minutes from the CBD, or shop online with free delivery and 30-day exchange.