What’s all the rage about rose gold?

What’s all the rage about rose gold?

The Blushing Metal on Winter Jewellery Wish Lists

Nothing spells winter like the warm tones of rose gold jewellery against a canvas of earthy brown, orange and burgundy basics. Otherwise known as pink gold, red gold or Russian gold, this blushing precious metal has proven a timeless wardrobe staple capable of elevating an outfit with a single rose-tinted ring. Read on for the origins or rose gold and why this coveted tone is set to make waves again this holiday season.

The History of Rose Gold

Rose gold arrived on the scene in 19th century Imperial Russia, when Master Goldsmith, Carl Fabergé, featured it in his ornate Fabergé eggs - a collection commissioned by Tsar Alexander III, who gave the embellished eggs to his wife as Easter gifts.

Originally intended as a one-off, the Tsar was so impressed with the first that he ordered again the following year, beginning an annual tradition that culminated in a total of 50 eggs; 43 of which are accounted for today in museums and private collections.

The 1912 Imperial Tsarevich Egg by Peter Carl Fabergé
The 1912 Imperial Tsarevich Egg by Peter Carl Fabergé

Rose gold held the spotlight again during the roaring 20s, following the 1924 release of Cartier’s Trinity Rings, which featured three interlocking bands in white, yellow and rose gold.


Celebrating 180 Years of Rose Gold

In July 2022, to mark the 180th birthday anniversary of Gustav Fabergé (Carl’s old man and founding father of the modern day jewellery brand), Fabergé Jewellers released an 18kt rose gold jewellery and objet collection featuring peachy hues and coloured gemstones, highlighting the staying power and relevance of rose gold jewellery in modern-day society.

So what is rose gold - is it real gold?

Yes, rose gold rings contain pure gold, just like yellow gold jewellery and white gold jewellery. Because pure gold is far too soft for making jewellery, it’s alloyed (mixed) with other metals to make it harder and better able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life - it’s during this mixing process that the different gold colours are achieved.
To establish how much pure gold is present in rose gold engagement rings or wedding bands, look for the ‘kt’ symbol in the description, which stands for ‘karats’ - the globally accepted metric for indicating gold purity in jewellery. The higher the karats, the higher the pure gold content.
For example, 24kt gold is pure yellow gold, which we know is too soft for jewellery like wedding bands, so lower gold purity and a mix of other metals is needed - keeping in mind that the lower the pure gold karats, the duller the colour becomes. The minimum percentage for rose gold to be classified as “real” gold in Australia is 9kt.
At SH Jewellery, our rose gold diamond rings and rose gold bands are made with 18kt pure gold, striking the perfect balance between colour vibrancy and metal durability.


How is rose gold made?

The pinkish colour of rose gold jewellery is achieved by mixing pure 24kt yellow gold with other metals like copper, creating shades ranging from pink champagne to rosy red - the higher the copper component in rose gold jewellery, the richer the red. Silver can also be added to reduce the redness and achieve a softer blush of pink.

The exact recipe for producing a desirable rose gold tone differs between jewellers, and you won’t find these tightly-held secret formulas floating around in the public domain, however the typical ratio for rose gold is around 75% pure gold and 22.5% copper, with a small percentage of silver.


The Benefits of Rose Gold

Due to its copper content, which is harder than pure gold, 18kt rose gold engagement rings and wedding bands are stronger than their 18kt yellow or white gold counterparts - something to consider for those with particularly active lifestyles and hands-on occupations. Rose gold is also well suited to most skin tones and contrasts particularly well against darker skin and summery bronzed tans.

Does rose gold fade?

Another benefit of rose gold is its resistance to tarnishing, thanks to its unique patina that develops over time (an outer layer that forms naturally due to the copper content). While rose gold patina is considered highly desirable in the jewellery world and lends a genuine vintage look, it can be easily removed by a professional clean and polish.

Unlike white gold, rose gold women’s rings do not require rhodium plating every few years to restore their shine, making them a comparatively low-maintenance choice for engagement rings and wedding bands.

Can men wear rose gold rings?

Men can wear rose gold jewellery any day of the week for any occasion, and the holiday season is the perfect time to debut a bold new look!

As rigid gender norms continue to fade and men embrace their love of pink - a movement championed by Robbie Williams at Melbourne’s AFL Grand Final - pinky tones are increasingly showing up in men’s fashion, and we’re seeing increased demand for rose gold men’s rings; a colour once considered feminine and soft, now regarded as contemporary, defiant and self-expressive.

Just as gendered colour conventions have evolved, so too have the rules of engagement, and more men - irrespective of sexual preference - are requesting rose gold men’s engagement rings.

Afterall, why should only one party of a partnership be expected to wear a symbol of their commitment in the lead up to their wedding, when male engagement rings are seriously a thing.


Rose gold men’s wedding bands are another popular choice for those seeking something a little less traditional, and rose gold men’s dress rings are a guaranteed statement-maker at summer cocktail parties and formal events.


Rose Gold Celebrity Engagement Rings

The most notable rose gold celebrity engagement ring of recent times is Blake Lively’s estimated 12-carat pink diamond oval solitaire engagement ring in rose gold from heartthrob hubby, Ryan Reynolds, estimated to cost a cool $2 million.

Blake Lively Lookalike Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring ~ SH Jewellery


Melbourne’s Own Exclusively Designed Rose Gold Rings

If you’re looking for exclusively designed rose gold engagement rings, wedding bands, promise rings or stacking rings, visit the SH Jewellery showroom in Melbourne just 30 minutes from the city centre. We have hundreds or rose gold ring designs just waiting for an invitation to your holiday season festivities!


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