What is Rhodium Plating?

What is Rhodium Plating?

A common question that gets asked is how often we should polish and rhodium plate our white gold jewellery? The general answer is one to three years depending on how much wear has incurred.

Why polish and rhodium plate?

  • The natural colour of white gold is a tinge yellow, and when your new ring is used and scratched, the yellow tinge will start to come through.
  • All white gold is coated with a layer of rhodium which is what gives white gold its bright white look. The rhodium is also a very hard material which protects your white gold jewellery from scratching. Why white gold is preferred?
  • Over time as you accumulate enough wear and the yellow tinge starts to become obvious, it is perhaps time to have the ring polished and rhodium coated. This will get your ring looking like new again.
  • We will put your ring through a deep cleaning process, polish off the scratches and apply a fresh coating of rhodium to the surface. This will basically make your ring look like new again.

An example of before and after photos are shown below.

A simple procedure like this can get your ring looking like new again so do take advantage of this service when required. Polishing and rhodium plating is a service we provide at SH Jewellery and customers can simply book.

Costs are $40 per ring (for basic rings) and the turn around is usually three business days. If you require it same day please put in a special request.

For pricing. please see this page.

Other questions:
Q: I have a platinum ring, does that require rhodium plating?
A: Yes, the natural color of platinum is a darker tone of white and will not be the bright white color which is rhodium. Platinum is also material which scratches more easily, so polishing and coating with a layer of rhodium is highly suggested. Why Platinum is preferred?


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