White Gold or Platinum?

White Gold or Platinum?

A decision many consumers are confused about when purchasing their jewellery is whether they should choose white gold or platinum, especially when related to engagement rings and wedding rings. Each metal has its benefits over the other and we'll try to keep it simple and informative for you.

Why white gold is preferred:

  • White gold is a harder material than platinum, meaning scratches do not run as deep and the surface stays brighter when the ring is used and scratched. Platinum will obtain scratches much more rapidly than white gold.
  • Prong tightening is not required as often on white gold as the metal is more stiff. Although extremely hard impacts can break a prong altogether on white gold rings, the prongs on platinum rings will bend rather than break off. This is of course under extreme conditions.
  • White gold maintenance, resizing, re-modelling and repair work is much more readily available than platinum. On-going work related to platinum generally costs more and finding a jeweller willing to do the work is also more difficult.

Why platinum is preferred:

  • Platinum is a naturally white colour so over the years as you scratch up your ring, the yellowish tinge which appears in white gold, does not occur on platinum. White gold rings require rhodium platinum every 1-3 years to restore the original whiteness.
  • Platinum is a ductile material so with hard bumps and scratches, the prongs holding your gemstones in place will wear better over time.
  • Skin allergies can sometimes cause a rash for users of white gold (this is a very small percentage of the population), where as platinum is generally considered more safe in this respect. There are also reports of a very small percentage of people who are allergic to platinum too, just luck of the draw!

Weighing up the benefits of both we find that more customers are using white gold. White gold will stay brighter for longer, just that rhodium plating is required every few years. Keep in mind that platinum also requires the same process to remove the deep scratches.

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