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5 Common Engagement Ring Categories Explained

The process of buying an engagement ring begins with choosing a design category. At SH Jewellery, we keep this process simple by organising our diamond engagement rings into 5 easily identifiable categories.


Solitaire engagement rings are the most traditional style of engagement ring. They feature a single, centred diamond with a simple band designed to amplify the size of the diamond. Minimalistic yet sophisticated, Solitaires are an unmistakable symbol of love and unity recognised the world over.

While Round Brilliant Cut Solitaires are most common, fancy shapes like Princess, Cushion and Oval Solitaires make for an elegant adaptation of an old classic.

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Add diamonds to the band of a Solitaire engagement ring and you’ve got a Timeless and enduring design easily paired with any diamond wedding band.

Timeless engagement ring bands offer a greater depth of design; from bow-shaped and curved shoulders, to tapered baguettes and twin-splits, there’s an endless combination of diamond cuts, settings and band features to choose from when deciding on a Timeless design.

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Halo engagement rings feature a higher-carat centre diamond surrounded by a band of smaller stones to create an intense composition of sparkle and fire. Wearers can choose between a single or double halo, with a cut of choice for the centre diamond (Round Brilliant, Oval, Pear, Emerald, Cushion, Heart, Marquise or Princess).

The halo can either follow the outline of the centre stone, like this Classic Oval Halo, or take on a shape of its own, like this Hexagon Double Halo, creating a dramatic frame for its Princess Cut diamond.


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Also referred to as a Trilogy Ring, Three-Stone Engagement Rings are said to represent a couple’s past, present & future. Others believe the three diamonds to symbolise friendship, love & fidelity - essential ingredients for a long and happy marriage.

The distinguishing feature of a Three-Stone ring is two side diamonds flanking a higher-carat centre stone. The side diamonds typically match the cut of the centre stone, though in some cases, like this Trilogy Ring with Two Pears, different cuts can create a beautifully balanced combination of shapes.

Additional diamonds can be set around the band for all-over glow, or a simple white gold band may be best to showcase a heavy-carat centre stone.

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For those unafraid of the spotlight, this freestyle design is unrivalled in size, sparkle and splendour. A higher-carat diamond takes centre stage, often surrounded by a halo of smaller stones that spill over into a lavishly encrusted band.

Modern Engagement Rings allow for greater design freedom with the band, which can include a contrasting combination of cuts and multiple splits to create an extravagant masterpiece in a league of its own.


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