Engagement Ring & Jewellery Care Tips

Engagement Ring & Jewellery Care Tips

Your engagement ring and diamond jewellery are valuable items that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Here are some simple tips to help you keep them in good condition:

  • Always handle your ring by the metal part and avoid smudging your fingers over the face of any diamonds or gemstones. This is because our fingers generally have creams and dirt which will reduce the sparkle of the diamonds.
  • Ladies, try to remove your engagement ring before applying any makeup or lotions as these products will leave a buildup of residue on your diamonds. This will reduce the sparkle of your diamond. When done applying your creams you can slip your ring back on.
  • Remove your ring if you're doing household cleaning work which involves harsh chemicals. Some chemicals can cause damage to your ring and reduce its overall polish.
  • Take note of your ring when working in fast-paced environments which require fast hand movements. Sometimes when we're busy working we'll tend to knock the centre stone around and this can loosen up the prongs or in rare occasions even chip the diamond!
  • Avoid wearing your engagement ring when doing exercise or playing any sports. Continued hard bumps and knocks will wear down the durability of your ring.
  • Keep your ring out of the swimming pools and beach waters. While swimming, our fingers shrink in size and the ring can easily slip off.
  • Frequently have your ring cleaned to keep the jewellery sparkling. 
  • Store your jewellery in a safe and secure place, do not leave them lying around even if it's in your home.

Bring your ring in at least once a year for inspection, we will provide complimentary cleaning and also notify you if there is an issue which requires attention.

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