How To Drop Hints That It’s Time To Propose

How To Drop Hints That It’s Time To Propose

If you’ve landed on this article then chances are you’re looking for the best ways, tips and advice on how to drop hints that it’s time to take the next step with your significant other.

Having the conversation can always be a daunting one, especially if you’re not 100% sure where your partner’s at in regards to this. However, other times, you both may be ready to move on to the next stage of your relationship but neither of you know how to bring it up.

This short article sums up the top tips and tricks as to the best and most subtle ways to hint to your partner that it’s time to propose.

1. Family and friends

Family and friends are probably the best outlet and resource when it comes to dropping hints that it’s the right time. If you’re in the position where you feel as though it’s time to propose, and your family and friends feel the same, then dropping hints can be easily arranged.

Asking people that are not only close to you, but also your partner, to ask questions regarding a proposal in the near future may just be the extra nudge they need to take the step to actually get down on one knee and propose.



2. Social media

While social media is debatable when it comes to doing more bad than it does good, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and even Twitter can be used as a tools and platforms to help hint at your partner that it’s time to propose, or at least have the talk.

Showing pictures of other couples that have recently gotten engaged or just wedding photos of friends in general can definitely open up a pathway to have the talk about where you’re both at in the relationship.

However, if neither of you are the type to start this sort of conversation, then it’s still a good idea to show your partner these pictures because chances are, if you’re already thinking about it, then they are too, and all of these pictures and posts could have the ability to spark something in them that could result in a proposal!



3. Activities

This tip, being more obvious than the previous two, is sure start a conversation. Taking your partner out shopping and then “happening” to end up in a jewellery store gives you a great opportunity to point out rings and styles of rings that you enjoy.

If your partner still hasn’t gotten the hint after doing so, then the best, and probably only way, to go about it is to just bring it up in conversation.

At the end of the day, if you think that it’s time, then it probably is. Your partner’s also probably in the same boat and is wanting to talk to you about it as well. Being open about your feelings and talking about how you’d both like to move forward is never a bad idea, and who knows, a proposal may just come from it!

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