The Modern Trend: Ring Stacking and its Origins

The Modern Trend: Ring Stacking and its Origins

The ring stacking trend has been around for generations but it is not until recently that it became a trend and not so much the tradition that it once was. We’ve gone back through time to uncover the history behind the trend and how it has developed in the 21st century.

Where did the Ring Stacking Trend Come From?

Tradition and ancient Roman theory suggests that the fourth finger on your left hand has a vein that runs directly to your heart, hence the custom to wear your Engagement and Wedding Rings on the finger with the quickest connection to your heart, and the ring-stacking trend began.

These days, we know that this vein doesn’t actually exist, but the tradition still stands in Australia and some other major countries around the world for brides to wear both their Engagement Ring and Wedding Band on the same finger with more rings to follow to create a collection of stacked rings.

The Original Way to Stack your Rings

Together with the ‘Vein of Love’ theory, the Ancient Romans thought that the wedding band should be the first ring on your finger as this is closest to the heart. The simplicity of the wedding ring is supposed to be the promise of eternal love - the circle having no beginning or end and the space inside the circle for the finger symbolises the gateway to the heart being filled and your heart complete.

Traditionally, the engagement ring sits on the other side of the wedding band to close the space and complete the set and this tradition is still widely seen today.

The Meaning of the Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamonds also have some significance in engagement or wedding jewellery. Out of all the gems, diamonds are the hardest and most durable - the perfect stone to represent unwavering and everlasting love. Not only this, but no two diamonds are ever the same, much like the relationship between every couple. The bigger the diamond, the more rare it is, which is often a symbolisation for how unique your future bride or groom is and how lucky you are to find one another.

The 2021 Trend

Nowadays, the ring stacking trend is a mix between tradition and fashion with some brides opting for two wedding bands to sit either side of their engagement ring for symmetry. The trend is an extension on the modern approach to weddings where brides and grooms are breaking with tradition and choosing unique rings and wedding proceedings that best match their quirky personalities. Choosing two identical thin bands or looking for mismatched bands to stack on several fingers is one way that newlyweds celebrate their milestones together - a simple ring to celebrate the first time they met, a diamond band to mark the day they bought a house together or a band with several diamonds that signify the number of years they were together before their wedding day.

If you’re looking for a reason to add to your ring stack, major life events like having children also call for a new diamond band that many women choose to continue stacking on the same finger. Once your brood expands enough, start stacking on the middle finger of the other hand for some serious fashion points.

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