Unique Wedding Band Ideas to Celebrate Gay Marriage

Unique Wedding Band Ideas to Celebrate Gay Marriage

What a great time to be alive to witness the legalisation of gay marriage. For years, gay and lesbian couples have been buying wedding bands for each other as an act of cementing their love for one another, much like a promise ring, despite their rings not meaning anything in the eyes of the law. But now, they can purchase wedding rings with an entirely new meaning of acceptance and belonging. To celebrate, we’ve curated a selection of the most perfectly paired Men's Wedding Bands and Women's Wedding Bands for our beautiful grooms or brides to be.

Men’s Unique Diamond Pair


Men’s Matching Pair With and Without Diamonds


When one of you wants a little more bling than the other, opt for matching rings both with and without diamonds around the band. The synergy between matching rings tells others that you come as a pair with the flair to match your unique personality. We’re specifically loving the floating centre diamonds on these rings and we’re loving the small difference in the channel set diamonds for something a little more unique than a typical single-metal band.

Women’s Pave Set Diamond Bands in mismatched metals

For simple, elegant wedding bands for brides, you can’t go past a classic pave set diamond band. For a gorgeous pair, we love the same band in mismatched metals to celebrate your differences and similarities, but more importantly, to complement each bride’s skin tone. The pairing of Rose Gold and White Gold are very on-trend, which is perfect for celebrating such a recent history-making moment as legalised gay marriage.

Women’s Vintage and Modern mismatched pair


Just like fashion trends tell us to clash our prints and patterns for the ultimate on-trend styling, so too should you clash your wedding bands between Vintage and Modern era’s or simple and not-so-simple diamond bands. You’ll forever be the couple that everyone else wants to be with this pairing of a Vintage-inspired Channel Set diamond band and a simple Floating Diamond band in white gold. Our favourite thing about this pair is the similarities of the centre brilliant cut diamond to bring them together in harmonious matrimony.

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