9 Step Checklist for choosing a trustworthy independent Jeweller

9 Step Checklist for choosing a trustworthy independant Jeweller


Read online reviews to learn about other customers' experiences with the jeweller. Do they talk about pushy sales people... or patient, non-commissioned and fully-qualified gemologists who take time to answer questions and educate clients about their options?


Are the diamonds GIA-certified, laser-inscribed with serial numbers for security and sold with matching certification papers? Check if the jeweller has memberships to reputable industry organisations like the Jewellers' Association of Australia and the Gemmological Association of Australia, holding them accountable to strict codes of conduct regarding quality and ethics.


Do they promise to maintain your jewellery for the life of the diamond by offering a complimentary cleaning kit, free lifetime cleaning service and complimentary jewellery inspection? Or are you on your own the moment you walk out the door? Enquire about aftercare service and compare with competitors.


Does the jeweller offer money back guarantees when buying online, allowing you to return the ring if it's not exactly as you imagined when trying it on at home? Don't get locked into a purchase you haven't had a chance to touch, feel and see sparkling under various lighting conditions - shop with a jeweller that offers an online shopping refund policy.


Are extended warranties offered on in-store purchases, demonstrating confidence in the quality of their craftsmanship? If the jeweller's warranties are under 10 years in length, consider why this may be before moving ahead with a purchase.


Does the jeweller offer a price-match guarantee to support their pricing methodology? They should be willing to match their competitors' pricing. This shows they offer the best price available for the quality of their jewellery... Or you're guaranteed to pay the lower advertised price.


Are the collections designed in-house from the ground up combining age-old techniques with modern technology? Mass-produced rings sold by global retailers may not possess the same level of design refinement compared with an independent jeweller who invests years in reworking ratios to ensure maximum durability and practicality.


Does the jeweller proudly stand behind their product by putting a face to their brand? When choosing an independent jeweller they should be accessible, accountable and contactable when you need them via multiple communication channels, including in-store, phone, email and social media.


Finally, how does the jeweller make you feel? Do they ask a series of questions guiding you through a budget-sensitive selection process that eliminates the uncertainty around such an important investment? If they are pushing their top-of-the-range luxury rings with little consideration to the examples you've provided, your personal design preferences, and - above all - your unique style, they're likely to be a commission-based salesperson... the kind you won't find in an owner-managed independent boutique like SH Jewellery.

Consult a jeweller you can trust to make your decision with complete confidence and discover breathtaking jewellery you'll fall in love with… over and over again.

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