19 Eye-Watering Modern Engagement Rings

19 Eye-Watering Modern Engagement Rings

For Women Who Can Handle the Spotlight

When people think of engagement rings, a classic Brilliant-Cut Solitaire often springs to mind - the most traditional of the engagement ring categories and an unmistakable symbol of love and devotion recognised the world over.

But tradition and simplicity aren’t everyone’s engagement ring flavour, with some opting for more extravagant modern engagement rings that could guide a ship to shore in a tropical storm.


What is a modern engagement ring?

Modern engagement rings are the divas of the SH diamond ring collections, renowned for stealing the spotlight wherever they glow. They’re red carpet calibre; the kind that make celebrity engagement ring lists.

Like minimalist engagement rings, they feature a higher carat centre diamond typically set above the rest for dramatic effect, but with a halo of smaller diamonds that spill over into a lavishly encrusted band. Their bands can include multiple splits and contrasting cuts to create unique modern engagement rings in a league of their own.

If you can handle all that dazzle, the exclusively designed range of SH modern engagement rings might just be the bling for you. Without further ado, let’s meet the team…

Bold 6-Claw Modern Engagement Ring with Channel-Set Baguette Diamond Band


Featuring a bow-shaped pavé-set band with 36 Brilliant Cut diamonds below an elevated 6-claw Brilliant centre stone, this striking design with graduated Baguette Cuts is the ultimate balance of bold and beautiful.


Floral Petal Halo Modern Engagement Ring with Tapered Double Band

Featuring a spiraling halo of overlapping diamond-set petals and a Brilliant Cut centre stone discretely set in four claws, this delightful floral design allows the skin to peer through diamond-set split shoulders.


Square Halo Modern Engagement Ring with Double Row Pavé-Set Band

It’s hard to tell where the halo begins and ends in this tiered sea of sparkle. Featuring an elevated Brilliant Cut centre diamond in a square halo with stepped side stones flowing onto a double row band, it’s an excellent choice for maximising your budget - the size of the centre stone is less important when the entire ring is dripping in diamonds.


Double Cushion Halo Modern Engagement Ring with Tapering Double Pavé-Set Band

If the double cushion halo doesn’t inspire double takes, 32 diamonds set in divided two-row shoulders will be the envy of all your friends. Beautifully paired with our Cushion Shaped Halo Diamond Stud Earrings, this enchanting design stands the test of time and turns every available surface into a stage of dancing sparkle.


Halo Cluster Modern Engagement Ring with Crossover Band 

This vintage inspired design embodies the charm of yesteryear with the sophistication of modern technology to create a heart-stopping stunner that won’t disappoint. The two-row crossover band with pavé-set diamonds builds gently towards a 4-claw centre stone surrounded by a halo of 8 Brilliant Cuts. A soft, feminine design with a dynamic twist, it’s a familiar face among Favourite Lists.


 Interweaved Modern Halo Engagement Ring


An interwoven double-row pavé-set band makes this magnificent design come to life under any light. With a lozenge-shaped halo surrounding an elevated centre stone flanked by two side diamonds, this Queen of Weave has met many a YES and is best paired with a gently curved diamond wedding band for maximum effect.


Bright Modern Halo Engagement Ring with 4 Bands

With a total of 80 pavé-set diamonds adorning a 4-row band and halo, this opulent design creates a stackable rings illusion, as the outer bands taper gracefully towards the halo edges. Meticulous attention to detail and a generous selection of diamonds make this luxurious sparkler an all-time favourite.



Diamond Leaf Halo Modern Engagement Ring

Eight diamonds surround an elevated Round Brilliant Cut centre stone in this distinct navette-shaped cluster ring featuring 10 additional diamonds on wide pointed shoulders. Set at staggered heights for maximum light flow, the 19 diamonds combine to form a unique arrangement that fires under any light.


 Bold & Bright Round Halo Modern Engagement Ring

Nine Brilliant Cut Diamonds form a blazing halo around a raised centre diamond in this solid, but femininely floral-like design. The wider upswept band presents a combination of pavé-set and channel-set Round Brilliant diamonds to create a runway of sparkle upon all types of engagement ring metals.


Four-Claw Twist Modern Engagement Ring with Polished Band & Sweeping Diamonds

The benchmark of unique modern engagement rings, this sinuous sweetheart has been the star of many surprise proposals. With tapered shoulders flowing towards an elevated 4-claw centre stone and pavé-set diamonds accenting the side profile, she’s the perfect balance of polished curves and shimmering stones. View similar 4-Claw Twist Engagement Ring.


Double Halo Oval Brilliant Cut Modern Engagement Ring

An oval Brilliant Cut diamond emerges from a tiered double halo in this full-shimmer fancy cut engagement ring featuring 60 pavé-set diamonds in the halo and split shoulders. A fine example of the intensity and elegance synonymous with modern engagement rings.


Bold 4-Claw Modern Engagement Ring with Wider Diamond Band

A solid 4.5mm wide band sets the foundation for a scintillating 4-claw centre diamond in this exquisite example of modern jewellery design. Featuring a combination of pavé and channel-set Round Brilliant Cut stones, the contemporary 3-row band proudly exhibits SH diamonds 3-4 grades higher than industry standards and 7-8 grades higher than most chain retailers.


Double Halo Modern Engagement Ring with Twin Pavé-Set Band

A double pavé-set halo radiates around a 4-claw centre stone in this monumental engagement ring featuring a cool 57 accent diamonds. Pavé-set split bands make for a multi-dimensional design best paired with an equally lavish pavé-set wedding band.


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