6 Most Extravagant Ways To Propose To Your Partner

6 Most Extravagant Ways To Propose To Your Partner

It’s always important to tell your partner how much they mean to you. It’s especially important when you’re about to propose to them.

In saying that, what better time to go all out and display your appreciation than through the way you propose? There is an abundance of unique and creative ways you can propose to your partner, with the internet being filled with endless ideas and inspiration, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by it all.
Choosing an extravagant route to propose to your partner is always fun and memorable for the couple. However, that being said, it is essential to remember to keep the proposal true to what your partner would actually enjoy and appreciate.
In this article, we explore a list of the top 6 most extravagant ways to propose to your partner.


1. Make a short film

Photo by Michael Henry on Unsplash

Everybody loves movies. Right from a young age, we’re mesmerised by the big screen and the way we’re able to get lost in any movie. Creating a short film is on the list for one of the most stand out ways to propose. With the choice as to how creative or sentimental you’d like the film to be, this is a great way to demonstrate how much someone truly means to you.  

This idea is particularly perfect if you and your partner are frequent movie goers. Ask them on a casual movie date, then have your short film be played at the beginning of a movie you’re going to see. All eyes will be on you and your partner as you pop the question. The best part is, your partner will have a souvenir that they’ll be able to watch for years to come!

2. Use a flash mob

Flash mobs are great and are possibly one of the most extravagant ways to propose to a person. While the process of choreographing a routine may be the most difficult aspect of planning, it will sure be worth it when it’s perfected. Have your partner be mesmerised by a sea of people synchronised dancing right in front of them. Proposing with a flash mob will not only draw a crowd but will definitely be a proposal to remember, especially if you’re a part of the mob!

3. Billboard

Photo by Charlota Blunarova on Unsplash

There are multiple benefits to proposing with a billboard. Firstly, it’s so big that your partner won’t be able to miss it. Secondly, not only will your partner not be able to miss it, but it will catch the attention of anyone else who sees it. Where lastly, it’ll become a special memory that they won’t be able to forget. Illustrate your love for someone by creating a billboard as clever, creative or sentimental as you like.

4. String quartet

Image source from ClickTheCity

Surprise your partner with the soothing melodies of a string quartet playing in the background as you propose. Or if you’d like to make the moment even more special, you can have the string quartet play a song that has sentimental value to you and your partner. Make a scene and elevate your big moment by inviting a group of talented musicians along. By doing this, it will not only show that you’ve gone through the effort of planning something but will ensure that this moment will be one to look back on and remember.

5. Spell it in the sky

What better way to express how much someone truly means to you than having it written in the sky. Surprise your partner with a stroll along your favourite park then have them look up and see a proposal written in the clouds.

There’s nothing more majestic or extravagant than showing your partner how much they mean to you by popping the question in the clouds. This way of proposing does not only show your efforts of preparing and organising the proposal, but your partner will also be fascinated by it. And all the other couples that see it will wish it was their own partner proposing!


6. Use your favourite artist

There’s no better feeling than seeing your favourite artist perform live. The crowd’s excited, you’re excited, and so is the artist. Why not heighten the experience even more by asking the artist to call you both up to the stage to pop the big question? The process in trying to get in contact with the artist may be hard, but contacting the venue and speaking to the staff should do the trick!


Creating an extravagant proposal that is both personalised and a surprise can be a monstrous task to pull off alone. Which is why it would a good idea to get family and friends involved. This will not only make the planning process a bit easier, but they’ll also already be there to celebrate with you afterwards!

After your partner says yes, the next step is to tell your family friends. For some fun ideas as to how you can do that, check out the 10 Best Online Engagement Announcements

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