The 10 Best Engagement Announcements on the Internet

The 10 Best Engagement Announcements on the Internet

Getting engaged is so exciting - you get presented with a gorgeous diamond engagement ring, you get the promise of more than one celebration with great food and wine that’s all about you, you get to think about a future with your one true love and you get to be creative with your future bride or husband in the wedding planning process. These days, the creativity starts right from the beginning with your online engagement announcement. Of course, you will have already called your parents and close friends and family (and if you haven’t, stop reading and do that right now), so the online announcement is your chance to start showing the world what you look like as the future Mr. and Mrs./Mr. and Mr./Mrs. and Mrs.

We’ve sourced the net for our top 10 favourite online engagement announcements and listed them below to help get your creative juices flowing and to help you tell the world your new marriage status!

10. Say it with Letters

We love subtle messages and this one makes our top 10 for exactly that. It has the potential to be one that people scroll straight past in their social feed, but those that stop will feel extra special that they noticed your big news.

9. Something Fishy

Everybody loves a pun, so this one sneaks in to the top 10 with this cute message to help you officially announce that you’re both off the market. If you both love fishing, it’s an even more perfect celebration of your love and future lives together.

8. The writing’s in the sand

Pin on Engagement Rings

We’re not sure if The Notebook made us do this or if there’s something so gooey and romantic about writing in the sand, but this is such a beautiful way to tell the world you’re getting married! Hot Tip: you’ll need to be quick to get your photo before the waves wash away your handiwork.


7. Pair with Accessories

Nothing says newly engaged better than a new top with Beyonce written on it, but with an ‘f’. If you can contain your excitement long enough to wait for your new announcement jumper to arrive, this is such a great way to get your point across, especially if you’re feeling amazing and want to show everybody!

6. Save the Date

If you’re a forward planner and have proposed with a wedding date in mind, use your wedding announcement as a save-the-date combo with the whole family involved! We love this cute addition of a fur child helping to spread the word, which can easily be spread out over several tops if you have a larger family (or more fur children).

5. The Special Day

If you or your partner is one to forget important dates, this is the announcement for you. You’ll never forget the day that you got engaged with this photo, not to mention, it has a highschool sweetheart feel about it which is so raw and refreshing.

4. Everyone’s Happy

Just in case anyone thought you might have said no when the question came up, we just had to include an obligatory ‘she said yes’ announcement, especially when it involves a happy puppy. This one just says happiness all over although be prepared for your shoot to go overtime - those puppies never do what they’re told and getting the ‘perfect’ shot is much harder than you’d expect!

3. Morning Coffee Break

Another subtle one that people will be happy they found in their feed, but also involves waiting for your new mug to arrive! Getting engaged makes you giddy all throughout the day, so we love the feeling this announcement gives to show how happy you are. Plus, everyone always asks to see the ring so you’re giving the people exactly what they want in one photo!


2. Professional Engagement Shoot

Why not use your engagement as an excuse to get some amazing photos and a stunning way to announce to the world that you’ll be spending the rest of your lives together? In the world of smartphone photos and bad lighting, having your engagement shot professionally will stand out from the crowd, helping to show everyone just how special you really are right from the start.


1. When We Met

And the winner of our Top 10 Engagement Announcements on the Internet is this adorable coffee cup photo with your new names written on them. This is a really special way to reference back to where you first met or the little things that make up the favourite part of your weekends. It’s the small things that you love about your future bride or groom, and this photo speaks volumes of your relationship with each other.

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