How To Match Jewellery To A Specific Occasion

How To Match Jewellery To A Specific Occasion

Different occasions call for different jewellery. It’s important to wear and use the appropriate jewellery to match the vibe of a specific occasion. By understanding the environment and adjusting your style accordingly, you’re able to look and feel your best while matching the overall attire of the setting. With an endless supply of jewellery out there, we’ve created this short article to help you identify and differentiate between various styles and pieces that are appropriate for different occasions.  


If you’re going to be wearing jewellery on a daily basis, it’d be a sensible idea to wear accessories that won’t fade nor rust under common conditions, such as regular hand washing. Selecting higher quality jewellery will make a large difference in regards to how long the piece will last, as does the type of stone setting. Choosing a bezel or double prong setting are ideal styles for frequent use as they ensure that the stones are secure and kept nicely in place.

Additionally, the amount of jewellery you choose to wear on a daily basis is dependent on your individual sense of style and preference.


Office attire is often modest and simple. While simple may seem boring to some, it can, in many ways, make more of a statement. Unless you’re working in a jewellery store where your job is to show off the products you’re selling, it’s always a good idea to tone it down a bit in a work environment. Wearing pendant-style necklaces, stud earrings, understated bracelets and perhaps a statement ring are the best choices of jewellery to enhance your everyday office attire.


Parties are the perfect opportunity to truly express your individual style and explore various fashion trends at the time. That being said, wearing drop or statement earrings is great in most situations for a couple of reasons. They accentuate the length of your neck and can be very versatile. Pair it with either a necklace to match or a bracelet and they’ll be sure to complement any party outfit you desire!

Formal Dinner Date

Dinner dates are a great excuse to get dressed up and look your best for your date. Enhance your attire by choosing tasteful jewellery to match. Evening events such as formal dinner dates are best suited to one statement piece, complemented with some understated pieces. It’s a good idea to wear one type of metal to keep it cohesive and one stone to match your attire. However, if your outfit is printed or colourful, it's best to go for more muted jewellery.


It’s your wedding day and ultimately, deciding on what jewellery you want to wear is entirely up to you. It’d also be worth keeping in mind that memories of your wedding will last a lifetime, as will the photographs.   

In saying this, a wedding day is a perfect opportunity to go all out with some tasteful jewellery to accentuate your features. Choosing bracelets, necklaces or earrings to complement your dress might include seeking out styles with diamonds, or if you were wanting to match the theme of your wedding, selecting a similar coloured stone is a good idea. With this in mind, it is crucial that you don’t over accessorise and wear jewellery that could be a distraction from your face or dress!



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