The 9 Best Engagement Ring Trends

The 9 Best Engagement Ring Trends

With the new year in full swing, we’ve discovered the hottest engagement ring trends in 2021. Thinking about surprising your special someone with some diamonds? Be sure to choose something they can’t say no to with our foolproof guide to the trending styles this year.

1. Split Shank Rings


For a fashion-forward feel, double the diamonds! Twin pave set diamond bands give your ring double the chance to catch the light and sparkle so your special someone will feel twice as pretty and twice as special.



2. Unique but Timeless Settings



Often, the most unique rings are also the ones that outdate the quickest and you don’t want your future bride or groom to be back at the jeweller to alter their ring before the big day. Instead, choose a mix between a unique and timeless setting - a classic Solitaire ring with a semi-halo is the perfect way to tell her she’s special at the same time that you’ve chosen something she can wear forever.


3. Pear Shaped Diamonds


Tapered diamonds are making a huge comeback in 2020 and they look set to stay for a while. Their pointed tip helps to elongate the finger and the shallower depth in the actual diamond itself means that it catches the light on many different angles. If you want sparkle, these diamonds are you go-to.

4. Trilogy Rings


A stunning trilogy of diamonds are set to allow the body of the stone to be clearly seen and for light to enter from underneath. The illumination of the three diamonds sparkling in unison is bound to catch the eyes of many!

5. Floral Accents


If your future bride-to-be dreams of being the princess in your fairytale, add a touch of femininity to the engagement ring with a floral accent halo. It says ‘happily ever after’ every time she looks down at her finger.


6. Vintage Inspired Designs


For some serious glamour, you can’t go past this vintage inspired Emerald cut diamond with halo. The cut of the centre diamond oozes vintage simplicity whilst the halo and pave set band keeps the ring modern and classic.

 7. Oval Gems


For an on-trend take on the common round diamond, go for an oval centre diamond. Any diamond that extends far beyond the band immediately looks bigger and offers more surface area to sparkle. If you’re scared to venture away from the popular circle diamond, an oval is a safe, but unique choice that will still leave her feeling extra special.

8. Twisted Bands


For a ring with dimension and diamonds on every angle, a twisted band is the best option for your special someone who likes to be on-trend and elaborate. All the curves in this Halo Engagement Ring with Wavy Band create sparkle without being too over the top.

9. Delicate Settings


Sometimes less is more and this dainty floating diamond ring with tapered shoulder bands draws your eye to the centre stone and makes a big impact with its simplicity. The height of the diamond allows light to enter from above and below, offering sparkle and femininity in one delicate piece.

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