Top 5 celebrity wedding rings that never get old!

Top 5 celebrity wedding rings that never get old!

Wedding rings come in all shapes and sizes, and while it’s no strange feat for celebrities to fall under the trend of following untraditional engagement or wedding rings, it’s a great way to seek out the latest trends and styles in the engagement ring scene.

In this short article, we highlight some of the most unique and popular engagement ring trends that are too good to forget.

1. Emily Ratajkowski

Actress and supermodel, Emily Ratajkowski, revealed her stunning double diamond engagement ring from Sebastian Bear-McClard after initially proposing with a paperclip.

This unique ring features a teardrop-cut diamond alongside a princess-cut diamond and a relatively thin gold band.

2. Cardi B

Cardi B shows off an 8-carat pear-shaped ring from “former” fiance, Offset. This ring is bold, beautiful and to say the least, massive. To find a similar design, browse our range of modern engagement rings!

3. Ariana Grande

After their engagement being called off, Ariana Grande’s engagement ring from Pete Davidson was the second most talked about topic on social media. Needless to say, it was nothing short of being absolutely stunning. This large pear-cut shaped diamond ring was custom made and by far one of the most popular designs of the year.

4. Victoria Beckham

Sporting her 14th engagement ring, Victoria Beckham shows off a flawless square-cut yellow diamond ring on a pave diamond band. Similar to its design and colour, you can find this ring here!

5. Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber spoilt Hailey Baldwin with a stunning teardrop diamond ring which was rumoured to have been inspired by Blake Lively’s. This stunning engagement ring highlights the large diamond centre on a thin gold band, which was again, a very popular style this year.