What are Diamond Halo Earrings?

What are Diamond Halo Earrings?

A Guide to Buying Timeless Halo Studs

Halo diamond earrings have been a hallmark of understated Australian style for decades.

Masters of minimalist chic, diamond halo studs are versatile gold earrings equally suitable for everyday-wear and red carpet affairs, paired with glamorous halo cocktail rings.




What are diamond halo earrings?

If you took a pair of diamond solitaire studs and wrapped a border of smaller diamonds around the outside, you’d have yourself a pair of classic diamond halo studs.

The halo can take the same shape as the centre diamond (a round halo encasing a round diamond - first image below), or a contrasting shape (a square halo surrounding a round diamond - second image below).

Single VS. Double Halo Diamond Earrings

When comparing single halo earrings with double halo earrings of equal centre diamond carat weight, the single halos will be more affordable, due to the fewer number of diamonds required to form a single loop.

Double halo diamond earrings cover more of the lobe and create a striking display of sparkle often worn as wedding jewellery due to their size and brightness, which can be easily seen from a distance, and in the photographs of your special day.

Does a halo make a diamond look bigger?

There is a common belief that adding halos to diamond earrings can make the centre stones appear bigger than they are. Truth be told, it actually can!

Halos are capable of optically widening the perceived size of the feature diamonds by up to 2mm, meaning 1-carat diamond earrings with halos can seem as big as 2 carats per side.

Reducing the number of prongs on your halo studs can also optically enhance the size of the centre diamonds, with less of their surface area covered by metal claws.

See Halo Diamond Earrings on Ears

It can be hard to imagine how halo earrings will look worn when buying earrings online, but as the most popular diamond earring design here at SH Jewellery, we’ve got plenty of real-life inspiration to share from women all over Melbourne and across Australia who adore wearing our timeless halo designs in 18kt white gold.


Choosing a Halo Earring Shape

Diamond halo earrings come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. By far the most popular halo earring shapes include round and square, closely followed by oval, with fancy shapes to follow - stars, snowflakes & floral designs, pears, hearts, rectangles and knots.

Stars, Snowflakes & Floral Halo Earring Designs

Star-shaped diamond halo earrings with 5-point design featuring two Round Brilliant Cut diamonds each weighing 0.30ct and 18k white gold elliptic shapes alternating with accent diamonds. Total diamond weight 1.40ct.

Classic snowflake halo earrings featuring two Round Brilliant Cut diamonds weighing 0.20ct each and 32 halo diamonds. Total diamond weight 1.05ct.

Quatrefoil halo stud earrings featuring two Round Brilliant Cut diamonds each weighing 0.22ct and four inner-accent diamonds set in 18kt white gold. Total diamond weight 1.13ct.


Pear-Shaped Halo Earrings

Pear-shaped halo sapphire earrings featuring two fine blue sapphires with a total weight of 1.10ct and 32 halo diamonds totalling 0.15ct. 

 Amazing Service! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I would like to thank you for the impeccable service and jewellery I have received as a first time customer. Finding the perfect pair of earrings for my mother on her 45th (sapphire) wedding anniversary was something I searched for for months. They match my mother perfectly in their beautiful elegant modesty. Shipping of the halo earrings through post safely was an absolute top priority. Reading about your shipping policy made the decision to shop with you much less stressful. Thank you also for the phone call after the purchase! Assuring the details of the purchase were correct was a lovely and generous thought. I look forward to the time when I can be in your glorious store to see all the sparkling beauty you have on offer. Once again, all my warmest gratitude.
- Camille Romeo

Heart-Shaped Halo Earrings

Romantic heart-shaped sapphire and diamond halo studs featuring two velvety blue sapphires with a total weight of 1.14ct and 28 Round Brilliant Cut halo diamonds totalling 0.34ct.

Heart-shaped diamond halo earrings featuring two Round Brilliant Cut diamonds weighing 0.20ct each and 32 halo diamonds. Total diamond earring weight of 0.57ct.

Bright heart-shaped diamond halo studs featuring two Round Brilliant Cut centre diamonds each weighing 0.20ct and 24 halo diamonds weighing 1.20ct.

Rectangle Halo Earrings

Rectangular cushion-shaped double halo diamond and ruby earrings set in 18kt white gold - the perfect birthstone jewellery for those born in July!

Rectangular cushion-shaped double halo diamond studs with warm yellow gold claws presenting 2 Emeralds weighing 0.325ct each.


Knotted Diamond Halo Studs

Classic pair of 18k white gold halo stud earrings featuring 40 knotted halo diamonds surrounding two centre diamonds weighing 0.23ct each.

How to Style Halo Earrings

The secret to effectively styling halo earrings with other diamond jewellery is choosing consistent shapes. If you have a square halo engagement ring, for example, choose similarly square halo earrings of the same metal colour for a cohesive feel, complete with a minimalistic solitaire diamond pendant or classic diamond tennis bracelet.

Ask the Experts

Whether you’re looking for a pair of modest diamond studs for work, or something more luxurious for an anniversary gift or milestone birthday, our non-commissioned Melbourne Diamond Earring Consultants are available to answer all your questions via email, live chat and phone.

With over 40 exclusively designed diamond and gemstone halo studs to choose from online and instore at Australia’s Best Google Reviewed jeweller, we’ve got the perfect pair of sparkling earrings for your next event or gifting needs.


More Halo Earring Inspiration


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