What your ring says about you

What your ring says about you

Rings, just like a gem or stone, can mean a variety of different things. Although the meaning behind each ring may vary, the sentiment behind the gesture is always sincere. In this short guide, we explore a range of different rings ranging from classic wedding and engagement rings to the more uncommon eternity or friendship rings.

1. Cocktail Rings

An indicator of status and rebellion in the 1920s, cocktail rings were commonly found on women at underground cocktail parties during the prohibition period. Also referred to as a ‘Dress ring’, the general rule for wearing one was the bigger the stone, the better. A cocktail ring is typically composed of a large diamond or coloured gemstone in the centre, often surrounded by smaller stones. While they were very popular back then for women to express their style and personality, these rings are still very much present today.

Snowball dome wide diamond band

2. Signet

Generally worn on a pinky finger, a signet ring is a ring that usually contains the letters of an initial, or has a design carved into it. Also commonly known as a ‘Gentlemen’s ring’, this ring was often used as a personal signature where it could also be pressed into clay or wax to create a personal seal as a symbol of their family heritage.

3. Friendship

Friendship rings are more common in a younger audience. These rings are typically gifted between two people and serve the purpose of symbolising their special bond. Though there isn’t a specific design for a friendship ring, it can be kept as simple or as bold as you and your friend wish. Typically, friendship rings will be symbolic of or portray the relationship’s history.

4. Promise

A promise ring is a ring that comes before the engagement ring. Although this ring is not as common today as it used to be, promise rings are still used to reflect a commitment between two people or to honour a pledge. Often the first official token in a serious relationship, it’s a way of saying that you’re both not ready to marry, however, you both intend to be someday. Choices for this ring can include a ring with a pearl or another appropriate gemstone, although a small diamond is another popular choice for this type of ring.

5. Engagement

Traditionally given by a man to a woman he intends to marry, this ring signifies that marriage is imminent. An engagement ring is the final step before the wedding ring and is a way of announcing to the world that you and your partner are officially committed to one another. Arguably, the engagement ring holds the most emotional weight and sentimental value. Engagement rings are typically diamond rings, however, coloured stones such as a sapphire are also common.

6. Wedding

According to tradition, the wedding ring is worn on the third finger of the left hand as it’s said that there is a vein running directly from that finger to the heart. The wedding ring can be seen as the perfect symbol of eternity as there is no beginning nor end, and are exchanged after the couple has presented their wedding vows with each other. Wedding rings can be both extravagant or kept simple depending on the couple and person.

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7. Eternity

An eternity ring comes after the engagement and wedding ring and is often the third ring to complete the wedding ring set. While there is no strict timeline as to when this ring should be given to your partner, an eternity ring is commonly given as a present on the first anniversary after being wedded, or on the birth of a couple’s first child. An eternity ring, otherwise known as an ‘infinity ring’, signifies a token of a couple’s everlasting love, where the ring is a symbol of the ‘eternity’ a husband and wife plan to share together.

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