Women's Grain Set Diamond Wedding Rings

Grain-set wedding bands feature diamonds held in place by four equally spaced, small metal beads that are barely detectable by the naked eye. The diamonds are set tightly side-by-side, leaving minimal space between to produce a continuous arc of sparkle across the finger.

Grain-set diamonds are similar in appearance to channel-set diamonds, which are held in place by metal walls rather than tiny beads. Grain-set wedding bands are therefore more textured, as the small metal prongs can be felt by running your finger gently across the surface of the ring.

Milgrain detailing is often added to the metal edges of grain-set wedding bands, adding further texture and vintage influence. Straight grain-set wedding bands are an excellent choice for ring stacking, and curved grain-set wedding bands are designed to embrace and emphasise the size of a diamond in a classic solitaire engagement ring.

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      6 pieces
      6 pieces