Brand Ambassadors, Social Media Influencers & Content Creators

Careers at SH Jewellery

About the Role

If you would make a great SH Jewellery Brand Ambassador, Social Media Influencer or Content Creator, we’d love to hear from you!

Brand Ambassadors and Social Media Influencers must be able to demonstrate strong demographic similarities in target audience and, as a minimum, have 5,000+ genuine followers on both Facebook and Instagram reflecting the shared target demographic.

While the flagship SH Jewellery store is in Melbourne, Australia and our clientele is largely Australia-based, we also deliver to New Zealand, Asia, Europe, UK, USA and Canada. Ambassadors and Social Media Influencers from these locations are therefore encouraged to apply. Please provide any case studies of previous influencer marketing or Brand Ambassador campaigns with your application.

Content Creators, Bloggers, YouTube Personalities and Marketing Specialists are also invited to pitch their ideas, so please get in touch below to discuss a collaboration.