3 Perfect Reasons To Keep Shopping For Diamonds

3 Perfect Reasons To Keep Shopping For Diamonds

The diamonds don’t stop at the engagement. Here’s 3 reasons you’ll need to keep shopping for diamond jewellery long after you’ve proposed.

So you’ve already proposed and it was the biggest day of your life? If she said yes, then you’re kicking goals already. You can breathe a small sigh of relief that the months of planning that went in to sourcing the most perfect engagement ring and building the surprise is now all over and you won’t ever have to do that again! Or will you?

We’re not suggesting that you’ll ever be proposing again because we’re all about true love and fairytale stories here at SH Jewellery, but we do know that you’ll need to be planning to buy more diamonds again in the near future, and then shortly after that, and after that! Don’t stress, we’ve listed the top reasons to be buying your bride diamond jewellery again post engagement!

1. The Wedding Day

We’re not talking about your wedding bands, as usually the newlyweds would like to choose these together, but instead, treat your bride to some diamond jewellery as a gift from you to her on her wedding day. Most grooms choose some diamond earrings or a small bracelet for the new bride to wear on the big day that will complement her dress or the rings she’ll be wearing. We love these Majestic star shaped halo diamond stud earrings that will help to add a little sparkle without going overboard or for something with a little colour, try a coloured centre stone like these Glamorous oval royal blue sapphire and diamond halo studs.

2. On your First Anniversary

They say the first year of marriage is the hardest but don’t let her feel like yours has been anything but a fairytale. Gift her some diamonds on your anniversary to remind her that you’re still just as in love with her as the day you proposed. We love the idea of gifting her the ‘first year engagement ring’ and choosing something a little less safe than you might have chosen the first time around. Go for something more extravagant or with a coloured centre stone - after all, she doesn’t have to wear this one every day of her life so you can have a little fun with it. Our top pick for the first anniversary ring is this double halo oval diamond ring with twin bands for a big statement to show her she means everything to you.

3. Your First Born Child (and every child after that!)


It’s a common tradition to gift your partner with a gift that symbolises your thanks for carrying your child for 9 months and is often called a ‘push present’ in modern times. This gift needs to be something valuable that comes anywhere close to comparing to what she’s just been through and your best bet is, once again, diamonds. Most mothers we see enjoy wearing their diamonds on their right hand, where the left hand represents the start of their family (the wedding) and the right hand represents all the children that this marriage has brought to life. Go for something that’s easily stackable if you have more than one child and can be worn comfortably for a lifetime. We love this simple rose gold pave diamond band for modern elegance with a youthful vibe.

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