Repairing a Damaged Diamond Wedding Band
A client brought their Diamond Wedding Band into the store for repairs as it was damaged in an accident. The ring was bent, causing one of the small diamonds to come loose and pop out.Our experienced jewellers reshaped the ring and reset the stones that had become dislodged in the accident. They also checked that [...]
Removing Scratches from a Gold Wedding Band
After 10 years of wear, a client brought in their gold wedding band for a service. The band had scratches over the entire ring, some of them quite deep. Our experienced jewellers performed a complete polish of the entire ring surface to remove the scratches.
Rejuvenation of a Floral Diamond Ring
A client came into the store with their Floral Diamond Ring in need of repair. The band had been damaged and the band has deformed out of its rounded shape. Our expert jewellers carefully reshaped the ring and resized the band to fit.