The Ultimate Guide to Engagement Rings for Active Women

Why Active Women Need Special Engagement Rings

For those who lead dynamic lives filled with adventure, sport, or manual work, choosing the right style and metal for engagement rings is paramount to protecting the diamond and band from bumps, knocks and scratches.

In this guide, we'll explore some of the best diamond setting types and precious metals for modern engagement rings tailored to Australian women with active lifestyles that seamlessly combine style, durability and practicality.


One of the most secure diamond setting types for active womens’ engagement rings is the bezel setting, which encases the diamond entirely in a metal rim, providing maximum protection against impact and daily wear.

This setting not only safeguards the diamond, but also creates a sleek and modern look. With no prongs to catch on clothing or equipment, women can confidently go about their daily routines without the stress of damaging their GIA-certified diamond.

At SH Jewellery, our modern half-bezel set solitaire engagement ring offers a similar level of protection, while allowing maximum light to flood the diamond. Flared half-moon panels on both sides further emphasise the size of the stone, and a high-polished finish effortlessly reflects light in harmony with the diamond.

The Bezel Setting: A Secure Choice for Active Lifestyles

Keep a Low Profile

A low-profile engagement ring, like the Webbed 6-claw solitaire engagement ring, is ideal for active work and leisure. Because this affordable engagement ring sits closer to the finger, it reduces the risk of snagging on clothing or catching on objects, ensuring a comfortable fit for daily wear and physical occupations.

The more claws (or prongs) your engagement ring has, the more secure the diamond is, and better able to absorb the shock of accidental bumps and knocks.

When considering four prongs versus six prongs, we recommend six prongs for people with active jobs and hobbies. If a prong is accidentally sheared off in a four-prong engagement ring, the diamond can more easily become loose and fall out, while it’s far less likely in a six-prong basket setting, with five claws remaining to secure it in place.

The More Claws the Better

Channel Setting: Sleek & Sporty

If you can’t resist the extra sparkle achieved by adding side diamonds to the band, choose a Timeless engagement ring with Channel-set band.

A Channel setting features diamonds set closely together within a metal channel along the band, which not only enhances the brilliance of the natural diamonds, but also provides exceptional protection against impacts and scratches.

With the gemstones nestled securely inside the metal, women can confidently wear their rings during physical activities without fear of damaging the band-set diamonds.

With the side diamonds securely in place, choosing a modest, low-profile centre diamond in six claws will offer the greatest overall protection for a sporty engagement ring.

Material Matters: Selecting the Right Metal for Active Hands

For active women, the best engagement ring metals should offer durability, resistance to wear and tear, and minimal maintenance. Our top two choices are…


Renowned for its strength and durability, platinum is an excellent engagement ring metal for active women. It’s highly resistant to scratches and tarnish, making it suitable for everyday wear.

As an added bonus, platinum's naturally white colour won't fade or change over time, ensuring the ring maintains its sheen for years to come.

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Rose Gold:

While not as hard as platinum, the presence of copper in rose gold makes it stronger and more durable than white or yellow gold of the same karat.

Rose gold is more affordable than platinum and does not require reapplication of rhodium to restore brightness over time, making it less maintenance than white gold.

Rose gold is also resistant to tarnishing and develops a unique patina over time that lends a genuine vintage look, making it a popular choice for unique engagement rings that complements most skin tones.

While many consider the antique-looking patina highly desirable, it can be easily removed by a professional clean and polish.


Routine Maintenance for Longevity

While engagement ring cleaning at home is a convenient way to return sparkle and sheen to a well-worn ring, SH Jewellery offers complimentary lifetime aftercare with every one of our Melbourne engagement rings.

This allows customers to bring their ring into our Melbourne showroom up to six times a year for a detailed ring spa to restore its showroom sparkle.

The service also includes complimentary inspection, where we’ll identify any ring setting and prong maintenance required to ensure the security of your diamond.

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