2022 Winter Jewellery Trends

2022 Winter Jewellery Trends

Diamond & Gemstone Jewellery Inspiration Direct from the Red Carpet

From the runways of Melbourne Fashion Week to the red carpets of the infamous Oscars, 2022 has already blessed us with more diamond jewellery inspiration than our Pinterest boards can handle. We’ve scanned this year’s celebrity best dressed lists to bring you our winter jewellery predictions for 2022.

Winter Jewellery Trend #1
Sapphire Rings & Earrings Will Rival Rubies in Popularity

For her Hollywood night of nights Oscars debut, Megan Thee Stallion paired a pastel blue gown with that unforgettable pair of diamond and sapphire earrings.

Rita Ora joined the sapphire jewellery movement for the Vanity Fair Oscar party in Beverly Hills, wearing a hand-carved Wladimir the Cat sapphire ring featuring a white-gold muzzle paved with round diamonds and a deep sapphire-set countenance.

With musical beauties like these parading deep blue sapphires, we’re predicting a wave of winter demand for the September birthstone, worn for centuries as a symbol of truth, sincerity and fidelity.

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Winter Jewellery Trend #2
Emerald Jewellery Will Hold the Spotlight

If the 2022 Oscars jewellery is an indication of trends to come, emerald jewellery is destined to dominate winter wardrobes. Uma Thurman’s emerald-accented diamond leaf earrings and Timothee Chalamet’s emerald-eyed panther pendant featured subtle touches of the vivid green gemstone, while Venessa Hudgens’ 11.35-carat octagonal emerald necklace and H.E.R’s 49.24-carat emerald necklace were emerald-centric, accented by bevies of Brilliant and Fancy Cut diamonds.

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Winter Jewellery Trend #3
Simple & Sophisticated Diamond Studs Will Trump Showy Dangles

Looking pretty in pink at the 64th annual Grammy Awards, singer Saweetie punctuated a fuchsia Valentino gown with simple diamond solitaire studs; the perfect sidekicks for a short-cropped pixie cut.

Sporting a softer pink gown with oval cut diamond solitaire studs, Zoë Kravitz channelled Audrey Hepburn at the 2022 Oscars, proving understated diamond earrings are anything but underwhelming.

Forever in vogue, diamond solitaire earrings are guaranteed to trend again this winter, when turtlenecks, scarves and chunky collars make dainty studs both pretty and practical, vs. dangly and tangled.

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Winter Jewellery Trend #4
Cocktail Rings Will be Melbourne’s Must-Have Winter Bling

Nothing says “I’ve arrived” like extravagant cocktail rings, proving as big, bright and loud as the gowns of the 2022 Oscars’ best dressed.

Lupita Nyong’o’s fancy coloured diamond cocktail ring was an Oscar’s jewellery highlight (dimmed only by Will Smith’s impromptu stage performance), and Ariana Debose flaunted an equally impressive diamond cocktail ring, befitting of her fiery Valentino ensemble.
Ariana DeBose Lupita Nyongo-OSCAR-2022-Jewellery
Source: @imagenmiami & @lupitanyongo
Cate Blanchett’s 28th Screen Actors Guild Awards cocktail rings from February were as varied and vibrant as her career, featuring precious coloured jewels complemented by a plunging black stone-embellished neckline.

Cate Blanchett-OSCAR-2022-JEWELLERY
Source: @cate_blanchettofficial & @pinterest
With celebrity rings like these flooding magazine stands, we’re expecting to see bulky, bold and colourful cocktail rings this winter to help counter Melbourne’s undeniable love for 50 shades of black.

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Winter Jewellery Trend #5
Yellow Diamonds Will Make a Quiet But Noticeable Mainstream Debut

Draped in a 5.87-carat pear-shaped fancy yellow diamond necklace presented by 205 pear-shaped, round brilliant and marquise cut diamonds totaling 27.55 carats, there wasn’t a best dressed Oscars list Nicole Kidman didn’t make. With a matching yellow diamond ring, the home-grown talent was a sight to behold alongside her Australian country singer beau, Keith Urban.

Actress-singer Sofia Carson’s white and yellow diamond earrings added a flash of colour to her Cinderella-style black tulle gown, and Lily James’ stunning pink lace Versace gown was upstaged only by a substantial yellow pear-shaped diamond pendant dangling below a set of classic round brilliant-cut diamonds earrings.

Source: @lilyjamesofficial & @sofiacarson

Still unconvinced of the impending yellow diamond jewellery trend? Perhaps Lady Gaga’s Oscar jewellery from Elton John's AIDS Foundation 30th Academy Awards viewing party can persuade you - platinum earrings with yellow and white diamonds. And who could forget - further testament to the timelessness of yellow diamonds - the 128-carat yellow stone necklace Gaga wore to the 2019 Oscars, dating back over a century (featured right).

Source: @ladygaga & @donnainneworleans

Get a Head Start on the Winter 2022 Jewellery Trends

While jewellery trends may come and go with the changing faces of celebrity, the idolisation of diamond jewellery will never waver.

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