6 Unique Alternatives to Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

Why Alternative Engagement Rings are Gaining Popularity

Long gone are the days when diamond solitaires were the only acceptable choice for engagement rings. Today, the growing interest in non-traditional engagement rings is fuelled by a desire for individuality, creativity and storytelling, made possible through unique engagement rings featuring colourful gemstones, vintage influences and contemporary trends.

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Benefits of Unique Engagement Rings

Opting for diamond alternative engagement rings allows couples to symbolise their love with a ring that feels truly authentic to them, rather than conforming to traditional norms.

Another advantage of non-traditional engagement rings is affordability and accessibility. While classic diamond rings can come with a hefty price tag, alternative gemstones can offer a more budget-friendly option without compromising on beauty or quality.

Popular Alternative Engagement Rings

At SH Jewellery, our most popular unique engagement rings feature coloured gemstones, vintage influences, three-stone settings, and modern designs. Below is a collection of our best sellers.

Rubies are often associated with qualities like courage, strength and protection, making them an ideal choice for couples who want to imbue their ring with deeper meaning.

Ruby Engagement Ring Alternatives

Rubies have emerged as popular non-traditional engagement rings due to their captivating allure, rarity and rich symbolism. Renowned for their deep red hue, rubies exude passion, love and vitality, making them a fitting symbol of a couple's commitment.

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Unique Engagement Rings with Sapphires

Sapphires have become increasingly popular as non-traditional engagement rings due to their striking range of deep blue hues and symbolism. In addition to being the September birthstone, sapphires represent qualities such as loyalty, sincerity and wisdom - all cherished attributes for a strong and happy marriage.

Sapphire engagement rings are also celebrated for their durability and hardness (second only to diamonds on the Mohs Hardness Scale), making them ideal for everyday wear and ensuring longevity in a piece of jewellery designed to symbolise eternal love.

Whether set as the centrepiece of an Art Deco engagement ring, or paired with diamonds in a Timeless design, sapphires offer couples the opportunity to express their individuality and inimitable love with rare and mesmerising engagement ring alternatives.

Non-Traditional Engagement Rings with Emeralds

Emeralds have gained traction as a centrepiece for unique engagement rings due to their vivid colour and enchanting symbolism. Renowned for their lush green hue, emeralds exude elegance with a sense of natural beauty, making them popular alternatives to traditional diamond rings.

Prized for their rarity and exclusivity, the official May birthstone symbolises growth, renewal and eternal love, embodying fitting sentiments for a lifelong commitment.

Whether set in a vintage-inspired design or paired with diamonds in a contemporary halo setting, an emerald engagement ring is guaranteed to make a statement and become a cherished family heirloom for generations to come.

Vintage-Inspired Engagement Ring Alternatives

Vintage-inspired styles have surged in popularity as a choice for unique engagement rings due to their timeless charm, ornate detailing and romantic allure.

With their filigree patterns, milgrain accents and intricate setting types, these alternate engagement rings draw inspiration from bygone eras, capturing the elegance and craftsmanship of the past, while offering a fresh take on traditional ring styles.

Whether it's a Marquise-Cut halo or an Art Deco-inspired masterpiece, vintage-look engagement ring alternatives evoke a sense of nostalgia for couples seeking a truly one-of-a-kind ring reminiscent of old-world charm.

Three-stone styles have become a popular choice for alternative engagement rings due to their symbolic significance and design versatility. Each stone represents a different phase of a couple's relationship (the past, present and future), making these rings a powerful symbol of enduring love and commitment.

Unique Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Three-stone engagement rings offer endless possibilities for customisation, allowing couples to select diamonds and gemstones of different shapes, sizes and colours to suit their personal style and preferences.

With their profound symbolism and customisable design options, the three-stone ring has become a beloved choice for couples looking to celebrate their unique love story in a more meaningful and creative way than with a single-stone solitaire.

Alternative Modern Engagement Rings

Modern engagement rings are the A-list celebrities of unique engagement ring alternatives, and typically feature a larger centre diamond set high above the rest, accompanied by a halo of smaller diamonds that spill over into a lavishly encrusted band.

The bands can incorporate multiple splits and contrasting cuts, resulting in luxurious engagement rings reserved for those who believe more is always more.

Discover Your Perfect Match with SH Jewellery

To view the full range of unique engagement ring alternatives at SH Jewellery, visit our showroom just 30 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD. Our non-commissioned consultants will help you and your partner find a ring that represents your individuality and celebrates your unique bond, in a relaxed, educational and private consultation.

Alternatively, you can shop online with our realistic Virtual Try-On Feature available on individual product pages below the image carousel. All online orders include free, fully-insured delivery and 30-day exchange.

We also offer a price-match guarantee in the highly unlikely event you find a non-traditional engagement ring alternative of equal quality and craftsmanship for a better price.

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