How to Choose the Perfect Carat Size for Engagement Ring

How to Choose the Perfect Carat Size for Engagement Ring

Some women will tell you that size doesn’t matter, but we all know they’re just being kind. In diamond world, bigger is usually always better but can often be restricted by your budget or the shape of her fingers so we’ve rounded up our top tips to help you get the best centre diamond for a smaller price than what you’d expect, including how to make sure your chosen diamond will be the perfect choice for your lady. Be prepared to get the “how on earth did you afford this” look from your future bride-to-be and make sure she can’t say no to your big proposal with these tips.

Carat Size Costs

One of the four C’s, carat size refers to the weight of the diamond - as the diamond gets bigger, it gets heavier, which usually means it goes up in visible size and will appear larger on her finger. There is a hierarchy in diamond world that makes women feel good about themselves when her diamond is bigger. Tradition says that the size shows how much money ‘he’ spent on the diamond and whether he’s a valuable husband that can provide in future. Or something like that. They’re all just stereotypes but stereotypes have stuck with history, and these days Australian women prefer to have an engagement ring between 1 and 1.5carats.

To make the most out of your budget, aim for just below her desired carat size. The price of diamonds increases dramatically when you reach the big 1.0 or 1.5 carats, so aim for a diamond that sits at 0.9 or 1.4 carats. To her, the difference in size for these won’t make too much of a difference, but the money you’ll have left over will be a noticeable difference! Use our guide below to help direct your first decision and determine the best size for her centre diamond.


The Shape of Her Finger

Now that you’ve figured out your budget and you’ve decided on the carat size of the centre diamond, it’s time to figure out the shape of the diamond, along with the style of the ring. If she’s got long or slender fingers, round or princess cut diamonds will suit her fingers best and usually, thicker bands help to complement the length. Smaller centre diamonds that allow for you to see her finger either side of the diamond will look most in proportion and be in style for years to come.


If she’s got shorter fingers or small hands, opt for a centre diamond in an oval, pear or marquise shape as these will help to elongate her fingers with their shape. Choose a band that’s narrow which will also help to lengthen the look of her fingers and opt for diamonds around the band to help draw the attention to the ring. She won’t be able to stop looking down at her sparkling finger with these tips! We like this Oval brilliant cut diamond with a tapered band to give the illusion of slender fingers, this Marquise diamond ring with pave set band for a timeless beauty or this gorgeous Pear diamond with halo for something a little extra special.


On the other hand - excuse the pun - if she has wider fingers, you’re in luck. Wider fingers allow for more of a selection of diamond shapes, sizes and band thickness so you can be creative with your selection. The main priority for choosing an engagement ring for your future bride with wider fingers is to make sure the centre diamond, or cluster of centre diamonds doesn’t show too much skin either side of the setting, or this will make her fingers look wider than they are. Choose a large diamond with a lot of surface space and get creative with halo styles to cover more surface area - we love this Princess cut diamond with Halo and twin bands that help to make the centre diamond appear very large or this stunning trilogy ring cluster that will also help to create the illusion of more slender fingers with a wider set cluster of diamonds.


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