Top 5 Tips When Choosing a Men's Wedding Band

Top 5 Tips When Choosing a Men's Wedding Band

When choosing your Men's wedding ring, it’s difficult to know where to start. What size am I? What colour metal do I prefer? What style do I like? You might find yourself asking these common questions. After all, this is an important decision to make, as it’s a process of selecting your lasting symbol that ultimately reflects your love and commitment to someone in life.

The team here at SH Jewellery, know and understand how overwhelming it can be when deciding on the right wedding ring to suit you and your personal style. Which is why we’ve put together a helpful list featuring the Top 5 Tips When Choosing a Men’s Band.

 First And Foremost, Consider Your Lifestyle

This suggestion is one that is certainly the most overlooked, which is why we’ve decided to mention it first. Many grooms come into the SH showroom to select their wedding band with a design or style already in mind, but don’t often consider the type of lifestyle they currently live. When choosing your wedding band, It’s important to think about the lifestyle you lead on a day-to-day basis, as this will affect the style of wedding ring that you should be choosing from.

For example, If you like to surf or swim or are in the ocean regularly, then selecting a diamond band or a more detailed wedding ring, which is more likely to be affected overtime by salt water or other harsh elements, isn't the option for you. If you work in a trade or spend the majority of your time outdoors working with machinery (and are known to get your hands dirty), then a satin/matte finish wedding band would be an ideal choice. As this finish is relatively scratch-proof, your wedding ring will stay in a decent condition for longer. Both the white gold and yellow gold satin finish bands (pictured below) are an ideal options for groom’s who lead an outdoors lifestyle.

Bring Your Fiancé Or A Friend Along

Having a second opinion, particularly when selecting an item you’re going to wear proudly for the rest of their life, is always a great idea. We recommend bringing along your fiance or a groomsmen, someone who knows you and your personal style, to help choose your ring. If you already have an idea in mind, it’s still recommended that you bring your partner or friend along, as they may consider factors that you hadn't previously thought about, such as comfort, lifestyle or budget. 


Consider Your Own Personal Style

When choosing a men’s wedding ring, it's imperative you consider your own personal style throughout the entire process. These days, there are a number of metals and styles available to choose from, like the Satin Finish Rose Gold band pictured on the right below.

Can’t decide what metal you prefer? The Two Tone Satin Finish band (pictured right) is a popular choice, as the band incorporates both white gold and yellow gold elements, leaving you with a ring that ticks all the boxes. Whether your personal style is minimalistic or you prefer to take risks, at SH Jewellery, there is a men’s wedding ring to reflect your personal style. 

Comfort Is Just As Important As Style

Generally speaking, most men who come into the showroom have never worn jewellery on their fingers. So, naturally the feeling of sporting a wedding ring can feel uncomfortable, at least at first. Which means it’s important to ensure that when trying on wedding rings, you feel comfortable with what is currently on your finger. At SH Jewellery, one of the main questions we ask our clients when they’re selecting a ring in the showroom, is if they feel comfortable. If you’ve found a ring that you prefer aesthetically, but it doesn’t quite feel natural or sit correctly, then we suggest selecting a more traditional ring style that is comfortable on your finger, such as the Classic Medium Width Half Round style, pictured below. 




Be Open To Adding Bling

These days, Men's diamond engagement and wedding rings are becoming increasingly more popular. And, well why should men miss out on all of the fun? Whether you prefer a white gold, yellow gold or a rose gold finish, Men's diamond wedding bands are an alternative to a more traditional, classic style and provide an appropriate option for the modern day groom. Not too sure if diamonds are your style? Well, the only way to find out is to try one on! Whether you prefer a Modern Wedding Band with a Floating Round Brilliant Cut Diamond or a more detailed Men’s Satin Finish Wedding Band with an Offset Channel of Diamonds, both pictured below, we have the diamond band to catch your eye.

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