Solitaire Engagement Rings

      2 pieces
      2 pieces

      Classic solitaire engagement rings are the most traditional of the engagement ring styles in our Melbourne showroom, featuring a single centre diamond with a simple band designed to amplify the size of the diamond. Minimalistic yet sophisticated, solitaire engagement rings are an unmistakable symbol of love and unity recognised the world over. 

      While Round Brilliant Cut solitaires are most common, fancy diamond shapes like Princess Cut, Cushion Cut and Oval Solitaire Engagement Rings make for elegant adaptations of an old classic.
      The most popular diamond ring settings used in solitaire engagement rings is a simple claw setting, also known as a prong setting. This sleek, simplistic design that leaves most of the diamond exposed allows for maximum light to flood the solitaire, and makes cleaning your diamond engagement ring quick and easy.
      Solitaire rings can also be gifted to celebrate other special occasions like a milestone anniversary, birthday or other personal achievement. Shop gift cards.